Advice for Sophomores


By Aila Durakovic, Staff Writer

The struggle is over and freshman year is finally done. You’ve come to a better understanding of the high school life and the responsibilities it comes with. Even though you think you know how high school runs, little do you know freshman year was just a test. It might get easier or harder from here. Personally, sophomore year was a kick in the face so hopefully, I can help you out with what to expect and how to help yourself get through sophomore year.

Find Happiness-Each school year comes with an absurd amount of stress and at times you just want to give up. It’s crucial to find time for things that make you happy. Being happy will give you more hope for the semester and calm you down in moments where you want to break down. No one wants a lonely semester full of tears and school work, so find the things you love to do and make sure to make time for them.

Time Management- Depending on the classes you take, either you will have way more or way less homework than freshman year. For the people with a crazy amount of school work to do every day, manage. Your. Time. You need to find a balance. I’ve always been the person who waits until the last minute to complete an assignment and I always pay a price for that. Just make sure to organize your time for homework and studying along with other errands.

Look Good Feel Good- If I can give one tip of advice, it would be this. From middle school to freshman year I’d show up to school in sweatpants and a sweater with slippers. I never realized how lazy I would always feel in class and how I had such a lack of motivation. This last month of school I have been out of my comfort zone with all these stylish outfits and I cannot stress enough how much of an impact it has made on me. It sounds super silly but you’d be surprised how much this can change your day. Once you dress up nice, you feel good about yourself and you’re happier throughout the day which makes it easier to stay positive and pay attention in most classes. Try expanding your style and put together outfits that look good the night before so you already know what to change into when you wake up.

Finish Your Requirements- Every high school student has to take specific classes in order to meet the requirements to be able to graduate. I highly recommend you try to finish as many as you can sophomore year. I took civics first semester and theater workshop second semester. I think this was the best decision I’ve ever made. I finished both and now I have more room for other classes in my next two years. Many students wait until senior year, but who wants to spend their senior year taking boring requirement classes. I’d rather finish all the boring stuff at the beginning of high school and then save the best for last. This gives you the opportunity to have junior and senior year be a little less stressful.