2018 Little League World Series Recap


By Mateo Acosta, Staff Writer

The Little League World Series kicked off in Williamsport, PA, on Thurs., August 16, with 16 teams representing eight regions of the U.S. and eight teams representing the rest of the world. The tournament consists of teams of 12 and 13-year old boys who have gone through many tournaments to represent their region at the World Series. They then go through the bracket to try and win the title of World Champions. the Asia-Pacific Region played the Caribbean Region in the first game of the tournament.

Annually, one team from the international bracket plays one team from the U.S. for the World Championship Title. This year, it was Hawai’i vs. South Korea in the championship game. Hawai’i came away with the 3-0 win, starting off the game with a solo home run from Hawai’i’s leadoff hitter, Mana Lau Kong. The team was then able to extend their lead to 3-0 after a passed ball led to two runs due to errors committed by South Korea.

Hawai’i’s Ka’olu Holt kept the team in the game with a remarkable eight strikeouts, one walk, and two hits, in only 79 pitches. Doing that in youth baseball’s biggest stage is a phenomenal feat.

At every World Series, sportsmanship and friendship are valued greatly as the event encourages kids from multiple regions to connect over the one thing they all have in common: baseball. This theme is seen throughout all of the tournament with little things such as a tip of the hat by a pitcher to the opponent who just hit a home run hit off of him, or Hawai’i saluting South Korea after their win in the championship game.

At this World Series, for the second time ever the MLB held the Little League Classic where the New York Mets faced the Philadelphia Phillies. Held in Williamsport, all the kids were invited to the game to watch and meet the players. Major League players gave the kids tips on how to become better ball players and also cracked a few jokes to entertain the kids.

During the tournament, two players became internet sensations, practically overnight. New Jersey’s Alfred “Big Al” Delia went viral for his hilarious introduction video, where he refers to himself as Big Al, and that he hits dingers. Big Al became an overnight sensation when his introduction was released with his quote being too funny to resist.

Secondly, Spain’s Ronald Vizcaino became an internet sensation after people took notice of his size. Vizcaino is a pitcher and a first baseman, but what makes him special is that he stands at a whopping six feet and one inch tall, and weighs in at 248 lbs., as a 12-year old.

Overall, the Little League World Series allowed for kids from all over the world connecting solely through the sport of baseball.