2018 Girls Varsity Golf Preview


Adisa Osegovic

Last year’s girls varsity golf team preparing to tee off at one of their matches.

By Ethan Carey, Staff Writer

Coming off of a loss for their first match again Maine East the girls varsity golf team anticipates a great year filled with hard work and determination throughout. Although they hope to win many matches this year, it’s their main goal as a team to learn more about the game of golf and to become better players as the season progresses.

Junior Eliza Zarebski hopes the team grows to become better players while simultaneously learning about the game of golf.

“I hope that in this season we will accomplish a lot and also learn a lot, especially since lots of seniors graduated last year. This is a good year to focus on the fundamentals and strengthen our game,” Zarebski said.

What separates golf from most of west’s other sports is that golf is more of an individual sport than a team sport. This isn’t a setback to the girls, however. They believe they can easily grow as a team that could help one another on and off the course.

Senior Mia Catalla believes it’ll be no challenge for them and knows it’s important to all of them that they work together.

“As a golf team we play as individuals and it is sometimes hard to work as a team, but we work through it by encouraging each other and supporting one another on and off the course,” Catalla said.

All in all, the girls just want to have fun with each other and have a season that they can look back on and smile about. To them, that is easily the most important part.

“I hope that the season will be all around enjoyable for the girls and that we try in our efforts. Seeing my teammates, I expect this season to be really fun and full of memories especially since it’s my senior year,” senior Coline Dimaculangan.

Their next outing will be against New Trier on Wed, Aug. 29, at 4:00 P.M. on Winnetka’s golf-course.