How to Get Spooky


By Christina Lappas, Editor-In-Chief

With October being right around the corner it practically means Halloween is here. It is time to get your spook on. Do you have what it takes to be spooky? If you aren’t sure, read on,

  1. The number one way you can become spooky is if you have fuzzy socks; preferably fuzzy socks that are Halloween themed in order to truly get the full spooky experience. I recommend getting fuzzy socks with pumpkins, bats, or the phrase “trick or treat” written on them. They’re overall comfortable, readily available, and a necessity.
  2. Another tip that involves a tad more effort is carving pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is essential when Halloween is near, they just scream “I’m spooky!” There is no better way to get into the spirit than by carving various designs into them, the possibilities are truly endless.
  3. Entering a haunted house a prime location to attain your spookiness. There are a variety of haunted houses at various locations throughout town including fright fest at Six Flags. By going to a haunted house you can get spooked while becoming spooky. One of the local haunted houses is House of Torment Haunted Houses Chicago.
  4. Freeform — commonly known as ABC Family — puts on 31 nights of Halloween during the month of October. Watching these movies is entertaining and fitting for the Halloween theme. The movies range from Hocus Pocus to Monster House.
  5. Home decor can really add to the spooky spirit. Even by simply adding some orange lights in your room, a mini ghost on a dresser, or simply a fake pumpkin these things will add some spice to the season. Seasoned decor is the one thing that transforms a space and makes it feel cozy. One of the best decor items is a throw blanket and Target has great options.