Mandatory Chromebook Enrollment Starting Tuesday


By Pavle Vuksanovic, Staff Writer

All students in grades 10-12 will be required to bring in their Chromebooks to school from Tuesday, Sept. 25 to Thursday, Sept. 27 for mandatory Chromebook enrollment. This is a new initiative which is being undertaken by District 219 to increase the cyber security of its students. Among multiple changes, students will need to complete the enrollment process to receive new wireless keys. These new wireless keys will only allow students internet access on one device at a time. Once the enrollment is complete, a green sticker will be placed on the device.

Students who use personal laptops at school will still be required to enroll their Chromebooks in order to get internet access.

“All students were issued Chromebooks and must turn it in for enrollment. Even though you use your laptop, your Chromebook must be turned in for you to get internet access,” said Oyindamola Idowu, the new Chief Technology Officer of District 219. “Please be aware that the Chromebook is district property.”

All the students who have broken or misplaced their Chromebooks are required to go through a different procedure during enrollment.

“Please show up for the enrollment and report your Chromebook lost/missing. This will help IT account for the current status of your Chromebook and avoid disciplinary actions of not turning in your Chromebook,” clarified Idowu.