5 Expensive Make Up Products Worth The Money

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5 Expensive Make Up Products Worth The Money

By Ella Ilg, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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It is not a mystery to anyone how expensive makeup products tend to be, and with some of the tools you look at the number below it and go “Oh my gosh, why?” $30 lipsticks, $120 eyeshadow palettes, and $70 skin creams are not a rare sight to behold at a Sephora or Ulta. With the products listed below, however, that’s never a question that crosses your mind, because they’re amazing.

  1. Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer $31

The name is fittingly obnoxious for the ridiculous amount of pigment this concealer delivers. It’s borderline face paint and has a shade range of 16 colors. It’s incredibly thick and creamy, and though the bottle may look small, one dot of the product can cover your whole under eye, resulting in one tube that can last you months. You have to quickly cover it with loose powder to prevent creasing, but if you’re looking for the most full coverage makeup products — this concealer is worth the money.

2. Lancome’s Grandiose Eyeliner $32

I promise this isn’t a branded piece for Lancome, but some of their products are truly amazing. This potted eyeliner has a felt tip point that’s long and very sharp. You can click the end of the wand in different directions to make wing application easier. The potted eyeliner makes sure it never gets randomly dry and this eyeliner is incredibly pigmented. The eyeliner itself dries down matte, resulting in it staying put and not smearing after application. It comes in several different colors as well, making it the perfect sign off to any eye look.

3. Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick $19

I am not a lipstick person, and I often don’t top off my looks with lipstick, but this creme lip makes it hard to resist putting it on. The lipstick is hydrating, similarly to most creme lipsticks, and unlike others, it doesn’t trade in its pigment for consistency. One swipe is often enough for the whole lip, but adding more and layering doesn’t make your lips feel like dry thick plastic — which is how it tends to be with other lipsticks. Its pigmentation is solid rather than streaky or transparent, and though it does transfer during activities like drinking and eating, the formula remains creamy enough so you can just rub your lips together and distribute the remaining color to the rest of your lips pretty evenly. Definitely my favorite classic lipstick of all time.

4. Jeffree Star Eyeshadow Palettes $45-52

No matter which palette you purchase, it’s worth it regardless. In terms of palettes, they definitely aren’t the priciest on the market, but it’s still up there. Believe me, these eyeshadows are worth every penny. They’re incredibly pigmented, and the shimmer shades are very creamy. With a crazy shade diversity, you can create almost any look imaginable with just one of these palettes, whether it be subtle or loud. And now with products available in the Morphe store at Woodfield, you don’t have to wait for shipping (or pay for it).

5. Smashbox’s Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palettes $29.00

With twelve different color stories to choose from, this little travel palette is a must-have. The price doesn’t seem to match up with the size of the palette, which is comparable to an old iPhone, but each palette contains eight shades with a coordinated color story. The packaging has a beautiful holographic color bomb on the front and it’s a perfect one and done palette. It’s TSA friendly and wonderfully pigmented, and the shades are different enough to make a few different eye looks with it. This tiny miracle is definitely worth the price tag.