5 Of The Most Popular Fashion Trends Today: Just Phases, Or Here To Stay?

By Lucas Rochester, Staff Writer

In this day and age of American culture, the expression of one’s own personal style and taste has never been more encouraged. This allows industries, especially fashion, to be much more creative and companies distributing this fashion to have a much more varied selection. With this wide range of modern apparel, we as Gen-Z kids are first-hand witnesses of the rapid coming and going of fashion trends. So, the question on everyone’s minds is, will the style you’re rocking now be relevant in the next couple of years, months, or even weeks? Let’s predict.

#1. AirPods: Just A Phase

The Apple AirPods were first introduced alongside the iPhone 7 on September 7, 2016. At first, people were conflicted about the appeal of this innovation to the original Apple earbuds. It was much more likely that you would find one wearing the traditional earbuds than the five times more expensive AirPods. However, especially within the last few months, the number of people rocking these practically invisible golf club shaped white objects in their ears have become much more plentiful, and many more people are scrambling to find an extra $160 lying around just to ride this new wave. If this is you, I’d hold your horses on this one.

Apple is constantly and very consistently releasing new innovations to their already released products, and just like the traditional earbuds were innovated, the AirPods are definitely very likely suspects for improvement. Once that innovation comes out, it will most likely be even more expensive than the already extremely pricey AirPods. Therefore, it’s probably better just to play it safe and stick with the good old earbuds. Once the hype over AirPods starts to dwindle, you probably won’t catch a lot of people with these things penetrating their eardrums with the new Lil Wayne album anymore.

#2. Slides: Here To Stay

These strapped form of flip-flops have been around since the 1970’s, but have only been rising in popularity since then. They have never been more trending than they are now, with a popular casual look of wearing socks with slides. This fashion approach works for athletes on their way to a sports game, dads going to their daughter’s soccer game, or literally anyone going for a more casual approach with their shoe game.

With their ever-expanding state of popularity, slides aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Being the handiest, easy to slip on species of footwear on the market, there won’t be a soul without a pair of these within the next, say, ten years.

#3. Supreme Apparel: Here To Stay

In recent years, dressing like a skater has become increasingly popular. In fact, the majority of the market’s consumers now likely don’t even own a skateboard. Of all the brands that have served to make this trend so big, Supreme stands out as the most prominent in 2018. Whether that be Supreme long sleeve T-shirts, handbags, or even simple logo stickers for one’s phone case or laptop, everyone under the age of 40 is rocking something Supreme.

As skateboard fashion increases in popularity, Supreme’s relevance persists. In the hallways of Niles West, only expect to see more and more students rocking this symbol of paradoxical popular rebellion.

#4. Crocs: Just A Phase

For the longest time, if someone was spotted wearing these cheap swiss-cheese styled poor-excuse-for-sandals, he or she would be annihilated by their peers to the point where they would probably never even consider sticking their feet near Crocs again. However, by some strange act of the Gods, Crocs have squeezed their way into style again. Girls wear these as an alternative to slides or other casual kicks, and in an age where casual is the new flashy, this means that Crocs are getting a lot of foot time.

Unfortunately, just as they suddenly came into the fashion game, they will probably fall out just as quick. Though they may be cute on some occasions, at the end of the day, they aren’t designed originally enough to keep them relevant.  And with women’s shoes being a growing market as well, most females will most likely drop their Crocs for more fashionable kicks.

#5. Gucci/Louis Vuitton Belts: Here To Stay

Gucci and Louis Vuitton have risen to the top of the fashion game in recent years. With these highly esteemed, expertly designed Gucci belts going for no less than $250, everyone is seeking this prized possession of the fashion industry.

With rappers with names like “Gucci Mane” and with lyrics saying something about Gucci or Louis Vuitton in almost every song, these companies are only becoming more popularized. As hip-hop becomes more and more mainstream, so will the flashy look of Gucci around one’s waist. For now, and for at least a good few more years, Gucci will wear the crown of the fashion industry.