Should You Really Take a Bite Out of Apple?

By Stefan Simic, Staff Writer

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Ever since the release of Apple’s newest iPhones, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xr, many people have been reporting that their older generation iPhone has been affected. Although this still hasn’t been addressed on a national level, many students at Niles West and neighboring schools have noticed that their iPhones have been acting unusual.

Many students have been reporting technical problems, problems usually associated with software glitches. iPhones have been shutting down randomly, quitting apps out of the blue, and freezing, forcing students to hard reset their phones.

Junior Abdur Farooqi, who has been a hardcore Apple fan for years, has considered switching over to Samsung, Apples biggest competitor.

“My iPhone the past month has been really difficult to use. It literally freezes randomly and I have to go through the whole process of resetting it, powering it back up, and going back to what I was doing,” Farooqi said. “It really aggravates me because I’ve spent so much money on a phone that can’t even work properly. I’ve started looking at some Samsung phones recently, and have noticed that how nice they really are.”

Farooqi isn’t the only one who’s been let down by Apple this past month. Junior Andi Veseli, who recently switched from Samsung to Apple, is disappointed in himself for making the switch. He claims that his old Samsung didn’t have these kinds of problems.

“Literally a month ago I bought a brand new iPhone 8 to see what the hype was all about, and it was probably one of my worst decisions ever,” Veseli said. “My phone quits apps unexpectedly. Whenever I go on Snapchat or Instagram for longer than ten minutes it just quits, it’s been doing this for some time now.”

Junior Farhan Ahmed iPhone 7 has also been quitting apps unexpectedly, the same problem that Veseli was having.

“I’ve had my iPhone 7 for about two years now, and it hasn’t been working properly ever since I bought it,” Ahmed said. “Every single one of my apps just quits, and I went to the Apple store looking for a solution, but all they could offer me was a new phone, it really annoyed me”

So the real question is, is Apple once again slowing down their older iPhones? Last year in December Apple was exposed for purposely slowing down older generation iPhones. Since then, Apple has released an apology statement to all its customers and has offered battery replacements for half the cost.

In the end, Apple is still a strong competitor in the phone business. With the release of their newest phones, comes a wave of innovation and technological advancements that the world has never seen.

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