Halloween Dress Code


By Aila Durakovic, Staff Writer

Spooky season is coming to an end, but it cannot officially end without the most significant day of the season, Halloween. Halloween is going to be on Wednesday, Oct. 31. While everyone is welcome to dress up to school to take part in the festivities, they need to ensure they follow the dress code.

Deans Amy Tucker and Tim Dykes were previewed in the student announcements to let the student body of Niles West be aware of what is appropriate to wear on Wednesday.

“Please make sure you wear appropriate costumes that go along with our dress code,” Tucker said. “If you wear any hats, they must go along with your costume and they cannot cover your face.”

Dean Dykes continued to list out what is acceptable and what is not permitted.

“If you have any kind of face paint or anything that you’re going to be putting on your face, it cannot cover your entire face. Please do not wear any masks, and please, of course, do not bring any look-alike weapons to school,” Dykes said.

Students always have mixed feelings on the school dress code, especially when it comes to Halloween dress code. Sophomore Enesa Dibra is not too happy with the list of what students can and cannot wear, but either way, she will be dressing up.

“I think it’s so weird that we have a Halloween dress code because that’s the one day in the year where everyone can dress up as anything they want. I don’t think we should be prevented from wearing masks and full face makeup. I agree that fake weapons shouldn’t be allowed, but other than that, I feel like everyone should feel free to dress up as whatever they want,” Dibra said.

Dibra wasn’t too fazed on the topic, but there are a good amount of students who are furious about the dress code. Junior Ivan Kraljevic is annoyed and will not be participating in wearing a costume to school on Wednesday due to the dress code.

“I think the Halloween dress code is dumb, to be honest,” Kraljevic said. “The whole point of a lot of costumes is the mask/makeup because it makes the costume look more realistic. Not allowing masks and full face paint is defeating the purpose of Halloween. I will not be dressing up since I can’t wear a mask or paint my entire face.”

West students really aren’t feeling this dress code. This has been around for years, but over time the general trend is that students are getting more and more sick of the restrictions. Make sure to be safe on Halloween and come to school in appropriate costumes. Costume restrictions may seem like a nuisance, but they should not get in the way of the festivities. Be sure to bring the spooky spirit to Niles West.