Buffalo Wild Wings Proves to be Mouth-Watering Good

By Colene Gibson

Buffalo Wild Wings in Skokie Photo By Colene Gibson

As you walk through the two sets of double doors at Buffalo Wild Wings, 7020 Carpenter Road, you’ll come straight to an enthusiastic host just in front of the take-out counter with a long row of pictures of Buffalo Wild Wing’s mouth-watering wings and delicious sides.

“Hey! Welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings! How many?”

Your host will lead you past the taunting pictures of wings to one of two areas. There’s the bar area decked out with plasma TVs with the biggest games and of course a series of ESPN channels with hosts commenting on the latest athletic events, or they’ll lead you to the other dining areas. Either way, you’re in for a great meal with great service in a great environment. Some might say it’s well, great.

Once you’re seated, you get to sort through the huge menu, and from there, the choices are endless. The menu ranges from drinks to appetizers (even though wings are normally appetizers, here they’re the main course) to entrees to desserts. They have well, everything.  They should have a menu strictly for wings because of all the choices. There’s traditional (with bones) or boneless (self-explanatory), the 14 sauces, and the choice of anywhere from six to fifty wings! The sauces aren’t just your traditional mild or regular hot (although those are an option as well), they have Parmesan Garlic, Teriyaki, Spicy Garlic, Asian Zing, Caribbean Jerk, Mango Habanero, Sweet BBQ, Medium, Honey BBQ, Hot BBQ, Wild, and Blazin’ too. There are plenty of choices even for the for the non-wing lovers.  Salads, flatbreads, wraps, sandwiches: anything will leave you full and satisfied.

During my latest visit to Buffalo Wild Wings, we started off with the delicious mozzarella sticks. The melted cheese in the breading left us craving even more of the amazing food, so we were more than ready when our wings came. My table split the mild boneless wings and the traditional medium wings. Let’s just say there weren’t any left by the time we were finished.  There weren’t any napkins either!  The wings were scrumptious, but definitely not the cleanest meal.  Thankfully, we noticed the wipes left on the table for exactly that reason.  We somehow even managed to eat our dessert after all the wings!  The deep-dish apple pie and chocolate fudge cake didn’t last much longer than our wings either.  It was delicious!

We left stuffed and happy, but it wouldn’t have been the same without our waiter, Teo.  He had a great easy-going and comical personality.  The experience never would have been as fun without joking around with Teo between courses.

The entire environment of the restaurant was just like Teo’s personality: positive, enjoyable, and fun.  The staff worked together to keep us happy from the moment we walked in until the second we exited the two sets of double doors.

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