Maintaining a Positive Attitude Midway Through the School-year

By Christina Lappas, Editor-In-Chief

With roughly five weeks left in the first semester, the time has come to buckle down, check your positivity, and make sure your grades are stable as finals quickly approach. Getting through school — as well as life —  is nowhere near as fun as it could be without maintaining a positive attitude.

Although time seems to be passing fairly quick, there is ample amount of time left to turn your grades around. There’s no reason to hyperfocus on the negatives of school. You can still turn in your missing work, possibly do some revisions on a test or quiz, and stay on top of the work that will be assigned within these five weeks. Doing these things can provide a more stable grade and a more calm mentality.

By now you have probably discovered whether you work best alone in your room, at the library, or at your local Starbucks. Utilize what you have learned about your study habits in order to effectively and efficiently study. This will create peace of mind when studying rather than a stressful, less productive environment.

Asking for help is imperative, whether it be regarding school or regarding yourself. It’s better to work through something rather than keeping it completely pent up. Not only will your grades thank you, but you’ll want to thank yourself.

Another key aspect of positivity is limiting phone time. Constantly being on your phone has been proven to not be beneficial for you. Your phone will always be there but rather than living through your phone, live in the moment, enjoy your surroundings, take it all in.

Lastly, surrounding yourself with people you genuinely enjoy will make the world of a difference in your positive attitude. If you’re hanging around people who are consistently negative, it’s most likely not going to be the best influence in your life. Whatever you do, whoever you’re with — even if it’s alone — it should add value and joy to your life, not diminish it.

There’s so much in life that reaps positivity, it’s all about finding the things that speak to you. Forever and always stay motivated, stay grateful, but also stay humble.