Eighty-Two Students Inducted into NHS Wednesday


Ethan Carey

The NHS inductees lighting their candles on the stage and reciting the pledge.

By Ethan Carey, Staff Writer

On Nov. 7 at Niles West, membership in the National Honor Society was given out to a select few students. This is one of the greatest achievements a high school student can receive, demonstrating above average skill in their education, leadership, and promise in the future. This honor is given to only select individuals and is something they will honor for the rest of their academic careers and lives.

The night started with vice president of NHS Divitya Vakil and secretary Jack Shimabukuro, speaking about what it means to be honored with this achievement and its importance to them and their classmates. Following their speech, superintendent Steven Isoye spoke more about what it means to be apart of this, how he himself did the same thing at their age, and encouraged them to continue their efforts for the rest of their lives.

“By honoring you tonight, we’ve recognized you for something which is bigger than tonight. And we recognize a person stronger than who you are today, and that is the person who you will become in the future,” Isoye said.

Following the first couple of speakers, they called up the president of NHS Lexi Lee to give a speech on her personal experience with the four pillars of National Honors Society: service, leadership, character and scholarship. Treasurer Jackie Wang then came up to announce the 2018-2019 inspirational teacher and present her with a donation to the National Park Foundation in her name.

The students chose physics teacher Martha Lietz who gave an insightful speech on the events and inventions that were created from her generation, all sparked from hope. She explained that the members of NHS will similarly partake in incredible events and discoveries that might change the world forever based on their very own ideas.

“You are honored here tonight because you have already dared to imagine what you can bring to the world around you. And we honor you tonight because we are so very proud of your accomplishments thus far. We honor you because we have such high hopes for what you will achieve in this community, in this country and in this world,” Lietz said.

At the conclusion of the speeches, all of the students were called up to the stage and given candles to light. One candle was lit and then passed on until the whole stage was lit solely by the members’ candlelight.

“These fine students wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t for their hard work and dedication. These students have been recognized for their great shows of leadership both in and outside the classroom for whatever they choose to do,” principal Jason Ness said.