Students Eat Breakfast with the Board; Offer Perspective


Ethan Carey

Students from West talking with the D219 administration about the school and the West Way.

By Ethan Carey, Staff Writer

Last Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018, Student Government held the ECC Breakfast with the Board. This event gave the leaders of student clubs across the school to sit down and talk with members from the D219 Board about the good and the not-so-good happening around the school while enjoying a vast, well-prepared breakfast.

The morning started off with the introduction of all the clubs and all of the board members in attendance. Student government was in charge of putting it all together and preparing a productive morning for everyone.

“The Student Government Executive Board met with their reps every Wednesday and Friday for about three weeks to plan the new layout for the Breakfast with the Board that took place this past Thursday,” senior Lijo Andrews said. “Usually the only people present at this meeting are government and cabinet executives, as well as the Board of Education. This year, we chose one club from each category of the student handbook to make sure we had a good variety of perspectives offered for the breakfast.”

The way things played out this time around was a bit different from how things were last time the Student Government held a breakfast and the change proved to be a huge improvement.

“We changed the structure in order to get more voices heard. In the past, it was just Student Government representatives and the Board, but we wanted to hear more opinions and engage in deeper discussions. It was great to get members of different clubs to come and share their thoughts. Next semester we would like to invite different members of different clubs to get even more representation,” senior Eliana Bender said.

The breakfast will happen again second semester, seeing as it had large success in getting the students in touch and on the same page as the board on issues regarding what’s going around in the school and what’s happening on the administrative side.

“I think it went very well. We had a lot of student voice, and it was a great opportunity for students, administration, and the Board to get to know each other and voice their opinions. We have the Breakfast with the Board second semester as well, and I plan on continuing with this format,” Bender said.

Overall, the event was a success with different perspectives and points from both the students and the administration on what things are good and what could be better.

“It was great to hear each side’s perspective on issues and the ability to work together was wonderful to see,” junior Peter Kougias said.

Andrews believes this was a great outlet to voice concerns, opinions, and overall thoughts to the Board of Education.

“I think this event was definitely a success because the environment was more relaxed. Students were able to voice their real opinions to the Board of Education, as well as the administration of the school. Our goal for this new layout was to be able to better address the concerns of the whole student body and not just the executives, and after talking to different students who were present, I believe that the goal was met,” Andrews said.