Leader of the Pack Winners Revealed


By Michael McKay, Sports Editor

Congratulations to our two winners for the Fall Sports Leader of the Pack, senior cross-country runner Gabe Cohen, and sophomore swimmer Juliet Delgado.

Cohen is the definition of a student-athlete, being loaded with extra-curricular activities and advanced classes; he has a lot on his plate. When it comes to academics and athletics, Cohen excels more than anyone, being a part of the cross-country and track teams, Math Team, WYSE, and app development. His interests in technology set him up for an amazing and successful future.

“I spend a lot of my time reading about technology, programming, and participating in CTF’s [capture the flag cybersecurity contests],” Cohen said.

Computer science teacher Matthew Fahrenbacher praises Cohen for his work.

“His performance on Capture the Flag competitions demonstrate that he is one of the strongest young computer scientists in the country,” Fahrenbacher said.

As for Juliet Delgado, she is a promising, young, athletic swimmer for the girls team. Being only a sophomore, she excels in her craft in the pool and has lots of high expectations for next season. Delgado has a lot to be thankful for being a swimmer.

I’ve met a lot of great people on the team. I remember my freshman year I was super happy to make all these great friends and meet all these super nice girls. And also just being a lot more physically fit, I feel a lot better about myself and also I’ve learned to manage my time a lot better,” Delgado said.

She may only be a sophomore, but she hopes to continue her athletic career at the next level.

After high school, I plan on going to college probably out-of-state, like my mom did, and I want to major in psychology, make friends, and probably still swim in college. I’d like to swim for a college,” Delgado said.

Congratulations again to Gabe Cohen and Juliet Delgado.