5 Tips on How to Survive Finals

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5 Tips on How to Survive Finals

By Zubair Muhammad, Staff Writer

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Finals can be a stressful time. You have to study for the numerous exams your classes require while trying to keep those grades up. And let’s face it, most of us have been in that scenario where we’re trying to bring that 89% up to an A or begging our teachers to round our grades. Here are some tips to keep you relaxed and ready for finals week.

1. Stay Motivated

It’s been a long semester, trust me, I know. But think about it this way, the only thing that stands between you and a two-week winter break is less than two full weeks left. Keep your head high and give it all you got for just two more weeks and it will pay off, we’re almost there.

2. Visit the Literacy Center

Is there a unit in your math class that you still can’t get around? Do you need help understanding and reviewing material from pretty much any class? Then make sure to stop by the literacy center during your free periods, or before and after school, to see a tutor, or a teacher, and get caught up on any last minutes curriculum. You could also get help on any last essay assignments and find a tutor to help you review by going over note cards and anything else.

3. Attend Group Study Sessions

Some teachers will host review sessions the day before or on the day of finals. Leap at that opportunity. Review what you need with your teacher, complete your study guides, and come in with specific questions. If your teacher can’t meet, create a study group with your friends so you could evaluate each other’s knowledge. Plus, it’s another reason to hang out with friends while being productive.

4. Get Your Sleep

We hear this all the time but it’s really that important. The week before finals, as well as the week of finals, keeps us all stressed to the last bone. But we should still strive to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep every night so we could keep our eyes open during the day. We will especially need to be wide awake and energized if we want to concentrate on those exams.

5. Make Time For What’s Important

Although most of us will be too preoccupied studying and pulling all-nighters, it’s still very important to make time for what we like to do. If you’re going to spend every minute of next week cramming down old lesson plans from your classes, I can guarantee it will become overwhelming. Set aside an hour or two during your day to just sit back and relax or even pursue a hobby. If you like to draw or sketch, keep that as part of your schedule so you’re still making time for you.