West v. North Varsity Wrestling Preview


Sammy Butera

Last year’s varsity wrestling match against Niles North.

By Lucas Rochester, Staff Writer

Niles West’s 2018-2019 wrestling season kicked off on Mon., Nov. 5. Since then, this year’s wrestlers have been working hard to pin down the CSL’s daring competition, and have come out successful thus far.

“I believe that this year’s team can make it far because we have a lot of young talent,” junior wrestler Milton Michael says. “I strongly believe we have the potential to go to and win regional this year. We are willing to do anything we can to win.”

The wrestling team faces off against Niles North this Fri., December 7, and the wrestlers are quite confident in a victory.

“We achieved a win over North last year, and this year, we have all been going even harder on the mats,” sophomore wrestler Mary Bayram says. “This season is looking pretty bright from the start. Our team attendance has been better than ever, and we are all improving not only as competitors but as teammates.”

The team has only been hustling harder since their victory over North last year. With this win in their past, the Niles West wrestlers do not possess a doubt in their minds that this upcoming match will spark up a win streak.

However, such optimism always comes with a cost. The victory is not all that the team strives for.

“Last year, we defeated North 61-15,” captain and senior Jimmy O’Dell said. “As team captain, I always hope for the win; however, CSL dual wins never come easy. There are always challenging matches and great opportunities for our team to learn.”

The team will take on the Vikings at North on December 7 at 6:00 P.M.