Cheap Holiday Gifts Suitable for Everyone

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Cheap Holiday Gifts Suitable for Everyone

By Ella Ilg, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Despite what you celebrate, numerous Secret Santa and Holiday parties will leave you scrambling for inexpensive yet considerate gifts, so here are some ideas to get the gift ball rolling.

  1. Small Clothing Items

Fuzzy Socks! Mittens! Cute Hats! All of these items can be bought and purchased without the awkward question of what size the receiver of the gift is. Warm clothes are always appreciated, as are socks with funny little designs or quips on them. These are typically cheap and can be purchased in just about any store you go too.

2. Jewelry/Accessories

This is always easy and readily available in most stores. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, sunglasses and rings are easy to find on the cheap side in stores like Forever21, Rue21, and H&M. All the research you need to do is find out if a.) they wear jewelry and b.) if they’re ears are pierced.

3. Scented Items

These are easy to get for any gender, with most stores like Bath and Body Works selling both male and female-targeted items. Candles, lotions, perfumes and hand sanitizers are relatively inexpensive and sold by the bunch in stores. Even if you don’t know the person very well, most people are happy with these gifts, and they’re a great gift for just about anyone.

4. Gift Cards

Of all cheap gifts, this is definitely the easiest, but unfortunately it’s also the most impersonal. It is however, able to give the person the most use of the maximum price limit, which is commonly put in place for Secret Santa. In order to make it more personal, do some research and find a store they frequently shop at and get a gift card to that specific store rather than a plain Visa gift card. It makes the receiver feel like you at least know them somewhat.

5. Books/CDs/Movies

This will definitely require some research and/or light stalking, but being able to find out your persons favorite movie, album or book, or one that they want, will result in their faces lighting up. Favorite CDs and DVDs wear out over time, resulting in skipping and general dysfunctionality. It’s rare for a CD, DVD or Book to be more expensive than 30 dollars, which means you might have to trade in cheap-ness for a heartfelt-ness.

6. Stationary Tools

Most people will appreciate some colorful pens, a nice writing utensil and a pretty notebook. Multicolored stationary sets are available from Barnes and Noble to Urban Outfitters to Target. This is a great gift especially if you know the person you’re giving it too is an artist. If so, it might also be thoughtful to invest in some nice Copic markers or thin sketching pens. The more upscale, obviously the more expensive, but cheap multipacks will always be an option.

7. Phone Accessories

This one is pretty straightforward and requires minimal research. Find your receiver’s phone brand and generation, and maybe their favorite color or an interest. A new Popsocket, phone case, or extra trinkets to attach will always be appreciated, given that people are reluctant to replace these things themselves. These can also be extended to other tech accessories like a laptop cover, case, or stickers. Depending on where you buy them, it’s pretty easy to find them on the cheap.

8. Candy

Like it says on the tin. Find your person’s favorite candy or snack and include it as an extra gift. It’s typically not good to give it by itself, it’s too simple. You do- however- get bonus points if it’s a rare, foreign, or uncommon candy.

9. Games

Cards Against Humanity packs, Uno decks, Legos, puzzles, and a new board game, are all great gifts for just about anyone. While we grow up, receiving toys and games become less and less common, so sometimes a fun, childish gift can brighten up someones holiday spirit. Cheap games are always available at places like Target and Walmart, so you won’t be gift hunting for long.

10. Cash

Nothing is better than some gold ol’ Jacksons, Hamiltons, Lincolns and Washingtons. If you’ve truly run out of ideas, and none of the above appeal to you, in the end you can’t go wrong with straight up cash. It might not be personal or cute, but everyone appreciates some thickness added to their wallet at the end of the day.