Students and Staff Initiate Support Efforts for Mark Rigby


Ben Grais

Staff members pose in the main gym sporting camo in support of Mark Rigby.

By Divitya Vakil, Editor-in-Chief

In the wake of former assistant principal of operations Mark Rigby‘s resignation, students and staff are continuing to react to his absence from Niles West. At approximately 7:40 A.M., staff wearing camo met in the main gym.

“We’re doing this to support Mark,” math teacher Andrew Roche said.

After taking pictures and explaining the logistics, the group walked through the hallways out to the south lobby, making their way to the front of the building. The group gathered once again on the stairs, and Roche quickly stated, “Simply put, Niles West was a better place for students, faculty, and staff with Mark Rigby.”

Teachers express feelings of loss, noting again that Rigby was a respected member of the school community.

“Mark Rigby is respected, he [was] a leader of our school, and we miss him,” Spanish teacher Andrew Suarez said.

Respecting students, administration, and contractual obligations, the staff’s actions this morning did not interfere with scheduled activities or instruction.

“Everything is in total support of Mr. Rigby. He was an army ranger so wearing camo was a sign of support. Anything that we do like this we always do it prior to whatever our contractual obligation is in terms of teaching,” science teacher Dave Genis said.

“We will always be respectful of school policy and the students,” physical education teacher Anthony Konsewicz said.

The teachers walked back in before 8:00 A.M.

Teachers walk through the fog to support former Assistant Principal of Operations Mark Rigby.

In addition, on Wed., December 12, an Instagram account with the username “@bringbackrigby” began following several Niles West students. The account posted that students should chant “Rigby” at the winter pep assembly. The owner of the account is unknown.

Students feel that the creation of the account was bound to happen.

“The creation of an account dedicated to bringing a faculty member back really shows how much Mr. Rigby was loved by those at Niles West and how much of an impact he had on this school,” junior Peter Kougias said.

Divitya Vakil
The account @bringbackrigby has four posts, two of which are about the Winter Pep Assembly.


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