Open Your Eyes and Watch Bird Box

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Open Your Eyes and Watch Bird Box

By Marija Kraljevic, Staff Writer

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The hit new movie, Bird Box, is based on the book written by Josh Malerman. Bird Box was released on Netflix on Dec. 13, 2018, and captured the attention of many subscribers. The film received a suitable 62% Rotten Tomato rating, along with a more accurate rating of 88% from Google users. The movie continued to leave you wanting more, with every possible terrifying situation crossing your mind as you watch.

The movie features Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock who plays the role of Malorie and shares her journey as she fights to survive a mysterious force that wipes out the world’s population. If one sees the mysterious force, they end up taking their own life and risking the lives of others. Another key character is Tom, who is played by Trevante Rhodes as one of the brave yet caring survivors, and as the love interest for Malorie.

The film starts off with Malorie going to the hospital with her sister, Jessica, who is played by Sarah Paulson. They drive to the hospital to find out the conditions in which the baby is in since Malorie is eight months pregnant. Once they leave the hospital knowing the baby is doing well, they encounter the beginning to what seems to be the end of the world. Terror and chaos surround them, the effects in the film were vivid and realistic: cars were being crashed into one another, explosions occurring as the cars crashed, and complete destruction surrounding the characters.

The challenges and horrors that Malorie experiences in order to survive just made me love her even more because of how brave and determined she was throughout each situation. She comes across other characters that were a little sketchy and distrustful. There were moments where she had to choose whether or not to trust these characters, but she still ended up managing to find out what the best solution was for saving and protecting herself. After five years of the ominous unseen presence first being unleashed in the world, Malorie must desperately find a new place for safety with her two children.

The movie did an amazing job of casting the correct actors to play the roles. I could tell that each actor featured in the movie was giving it their all and displayed the urgent and focused tone of each character perfectly as they all fought to survive. The movie had an interesting plot line that made me want to figure out what the mysterious force really was and how the characters were planning to survive. Since the movie is Rated R due to the violence and bloody images in some scenes I thought it would be pretty scary and intense, but in reality, it was only slightly scary. It was more thriller than horror.

Throughout the movie, I felt as though I was also there with the characters trying to stop the mysterious force from manipulating me and whether I should save certain people that needed saving or not. The movie did an excellent job of testing people’s survival skills and kept you at the edge of your seat waiting for whatever might come next.

In the end, I thought that this movie was spectacular and extremely captivating. It showed me that no matter what conditions you might be in, you should never give up and always look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Malorie had to go through physically and mentally challenging obstacles in order to live and not be a coward who just gives up when things get tough. The memes found around the internet will also give you a good laugh especially after watching the movie. The film was so fantastic that I highly recommend it and give it a 9 out of 10.