Scholastic Bowl Buzzes Their Way Through the Season


Members of the Scholastic Bowl team posing for a picture during practice.

By Wyatt Zwik , Academics Editor

The Niles West varsity scholastic team has had a copious amount of success so far this season, winning almost all of the matches they have competed in. The team has upcoming matches against other high ranking teams, and hope to sustain their current triumphs.

According to varsity coach Matthew Wiemer, the team is currently one of the highest scorings in their division.

“So far the varsity squad has had a fairly dominant season. We’re currently 5-1, and the one loss was decided by only three questions so it was a very close match,” Wiemer said. “We have a couple of difficult schools coming up like New Trier, Evanston, Deerfield, and Vernon Hills, but I think we stand a good chance it’ll give us a good seeding for the conference section which is at the end of February.”

Team captain and senior Hana Frisch believes the team has done exceptionally well o far, and hopes to continue their success in the future.

“I think we’ve done pretty well, we have only lost one game, but we have two tough teams next week, so we will see how it goes,” Frisch said. “I hope that we keep up the good work and go beyond the first round for conference, since last year we lost a very close match in the first round.”

Wiemer hopes that the team will continue its success at the upcoming sectional and regional competitions, and that even if the team doesn’t place well it was an educational and fun experience for all of the members.

“I hope that we can do well at the sectional conference,  we are also going to regionals this year, which we haven’t done for a few years, so it’ll be fun even if we win only one or don’y even win at all it’ll be fun to experience that and we have a really good group of seniors so it’ll be nice for them in their last year here,” Wiemer said. “As far as the future goes, we need to work on building up the JV squad so that we have a varsity squad in a few years. ”

Senior member Muhammad Afzal echoes the sentiments of his coach, also believing the team  has done well but needs to increase its JV team’s size.

“I believe the season has been overall great so far, at least in terms of competition. We have been consistently getting points fast and our practices have been paying off; however, we are still missing members for JV, which is really hurting the JV team in matches against schools with five members against our three,” Afzal said.

If you’re interested in joining, it’s not too late. The team meets after school on Mondays in room 1220.