Fill Up Your Schedule for a Filler Year: Sophomore Class Recommendations


By Mateo Acosta, Staff Writer

With the second semester being well underway, we have a little less than four months until the end of the school year. That may seem like a lot of time, but with counselor meetings for the upcoming year within in the next few weeks, winter season sports ending in a few weeks, and our first progress reports coming out in a few weeks, time is flying by.

In order to help you, freshmen who may be a little lost in which courses you may want to take for your sophomore year, here are the really common ones.

For social studies, the three most popular classes are AP Government, AP Psychology, and Civics. Those aren’t the only ones that you can take, but those are the most common for all sophomores. With Civics being a one-semester class, you can either have a study hall for the other semester or choose another one-semester class, such as Intro to Debate or something along those lines. AP Government is a class where students dive deeper into not only the principles for our republican democracy but also the political atmosphere of the United States and what using what is happening in real time to apply that to the learning process. AP Psychology, on the other hand, is a class based on exposing students to the inner-workings of the brain and how our mind works. Students learn about all parts of the brain, which part is used for a different type of use, and more. For a less conventional route, there is AP Economics.

As for math, the most common is Geometry or Algebra 2. Depending on the class you took this year, you will follow the path that is already laid out. The most common order goes Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calc, Calculus, and then Post-Calculus.

For English, there really is nothing special, just regular and honors sophomore English. As for languages, you also have a set structure, that you just follow the order — typically chronologically.

Overall, your classes are up to you. Some subjects have a set structure that you need to follow, but for others, it is completely customizable. So go on and talk to your counselor about what you want to do, what electives will help you, and what classes you will take next year.