Teenage Author: Joelle Warden


Freshman Joelle Warden is a working author, with six works published.

By Alma Duskic, Staff Writer

As she types away on her keyboard, freshman Joelle Warden found her rhythm and is steadily writing pages upon pages. With books already finished and on the market, Warden is a self-published author at 14 years old, and she isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

Her first book was released when she was eight years old, so Warden is no rookie when it comes to writing.

“I originally started when I was probably around 8 or 9 years old actually, and it was originally because my parents wanted me to do a project over the summer,” Warden said. “But as I got older I started to do it more independently and it kept me busy during the summer.”

Publishing a book at any age is impressive enough, but having a book at eight is a whole other playing field. After finishing her first book, Warden got a glimpse into the world of writing, and she never turned back.

That summer, Warden completed her first book, and every summer after that, she added to her growing list of published books by completing a new piece annually.

“The first books I published were: ‘An Island and a Chance,’ ‘Letters From Brooklyn,’ ‘Silent Music,’ and my three most recent books are: ‘Forgotten Jade,’ ‘Akemi’s Mask,’ and ‘Asphyxiation,’ which I co-wrote this past summer,” Warden said.

Her resume is already extensive, but Warden adds onto her character by being a good person, and a kind friend. Classmate and friend Niyati Bhandari can attest to Warden’s personality outside of her writing endeavors.

“Joelle is just a really nice person, and she’s really positive. You can always count on her for anything, and she’ll always just be there for you,” Bhandari said.

Her attitude towards writing and towards others is an admirable quality. Her kindness is recognized by friends and classmates alike.

“Joelle is a leader in [orchestra] and she’s willing to help others out whenever they need it,” sophomore Razina Ahmed said.

Warden shows her personality in her writing and in her literature. Her work ethic in her classes gives a glimpse as to how writing has shaped her education. Modern World History teacher Jason Stanford sees firsthand how Warden acts in class with her peers and her quality of work.

“Joelle is a breath of fresh air; she’s great. She works really hard, she helps out her classmates all the time, she comes to class prepared, she’s a great student and a great person,” Stanford said. “She’s a very hard worker and she usually finishes assignments right away.”

Those around Warden can admire her tenacity with her work and her kind personality. She has an impressive record already, and it will only grow from here.

“We self-published all of our books using a website called Create Space, so it allows you to get a hard-cover copy of your book and put it on Amazon actually, and it lets you skip the entire process of trying to go through an editor,” Warden said.

Check out any of Warden’s books on Amazon.