21 Not-So-Savage: ICE All Over His Wrists


By Lucas Rochester, Staff Writer

The name She-yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph is one known and praised all throughout his home country, the U.S. Well, that actually may not be true, but his alias “21 Savage” most certainly is. 21 has released worldwide hits that you’ve probably at least heard mentioned before, such as, “Bank Account”, “No Heart”, and “X”, just to name a few. In these songs, 21 dives into his painful and strenuous upbringing on the mean streets of Atlanta. According to the Savage himself, “You was with your friends playin’ Nintendo, I was playing ’round that fire” (Fire being loaded firearms). However, as catchy as rappers may phrase lyrics like these, it doesn’t necessarily make them true, and as the world came to know on February 3, 2019, in 21’s case, they’re not.

21 Savage was arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, on Sunday. Fans were immediately confused and surprised at 21’s sudden arrest, but knowing ICE, it was not likely they would be releasing any information regarding Mr. Savage, as it is against their strict policy to release information unless it poses a threat to our country. Interestingly enough, ICE didn’t hesitate to inform the public of 21’s head-spinning and quite elongated crimes.

Illegal immigration has been an issue this country has been facing off with and attempting to solve in various ways, and our government has continuously grown better and stealthier at throwing out the people here who’ve somehow snuck their way in. Though many illegal immigrants get away with their presence in this country for several years, it is not likely they ever get to stay much longer.

Mr. Savage, on the other hand, not only overstayed his VISA in this country for over a decade, but also spent a good deal of that time as a world-renown celebrity. This in of itself is quite shocking, but what struck fans as an even greater slap-in-the-face is that the country 21 illegally came from was the UK. Fans were quite ticked off by this, as the man they had once envisioned had had a childhood of carrying heavy weaponry, throwing up Atlanta gang signs, and smoking a spliff or two on the daily was more likely pouring chamomile tea for his jolly good chaps on the croquet team while saying things like “cheerio!” and “‘ello, gov’nuh!”

However, that most certainly does not speak for his entire fan base. The group of people on 21’s side is quite large, as though he may not originally be from the city of Atlanta, he surely has stayed true to it, donating large sums of money to public schools, enforcing children to stay off the streets, and much, much more.

21 Savage’s future as of now is unclear, but wort case scenario, he could see himself banned from the U.S. for ten years, equivalent to the time he spent here illegally. But, either way, Savage should be just fine, as he said in the song “monster” off his most recent album: “You could dump me in the middle of the ocean, I’m still comin’ out dry.”