A Guide to Valentine’s Day

A Guide to Valentine's Day

By Nadia Firozabadi, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is the most romantic, warming, and unforgettable time of year, but it could also be the most stressful. You want to make this date exceptional and incomparable to any other by putting all your love in one night. Every valentine’s gift and date should be personalized toward your significant other. If you have been on the lookout for figuring out the perfect Valentines Day then here are some date and gift ideas to ease the pressure of figuring out the ideal date night.

Some date ideas could include the following:

  1. Fancy dinners – Go all out. Take your significant other to a restaurant that you would not splurge on a regular basis. Not only does this treat your partner, but also yourself and who doesn’t love dressing up and going to a fancy meal.
  2. Cooking night – Staying in and having a candlelit homecooked dinner that you two made together is not only rewarding but could make for fond memories. Even if you are not the best cook it can be funny and working collaboratively on something really creates a different type of bond.
  3. Surprise Night – Everyone loves surprises and the meaning behind your action truly shows when you independently put thought into something to make someone else happy. Have your date night be a complete surpriseĀ for your significant other and orient it around personal anecdotes and small things that they appreciate.
  4. Recreate your first date – The first date is where it all started and is where every step beyond came from. Being back in the position where all the butterflies, feelings, and future began is the most appreciative and reminiscing experience. If you did not have the ideal first date, redo the date! It will be funny and will show your thought in the little things.
  5. Road trip – This requires a lot of planning and further notice, but calls for the most unforgettable trip. You can spend time together and be creative about where you decide to travel to and try something new somewhere new. Road trips call for exposure to new foods, activities, and experiences and being with the person you love most through it will make it the most unforgettable vacation. It doesn’t have to be far, even driving to Woodfield, Kenosha or a museum on the south side can be time well spent.

The date says a lot, but the gift says more. Here are some gift ideas:

  1. Gift basket – This should be a completely personalized basket of all the things your partner loves and has discreetly mentioned to you before. It shows that you pay attention to everything like the little things and you will know they will love it. Fill this basket with their favorite foods, cozy things, something to remind them of you, a handwritten note, inside jokes, and something that only you know they would love.
  2. DIY gifts – Depending on the gift this could require a lot of work but will make for the best gift. It shows the amount of time, thought, and effort you put into valentines day and into another person. You can make things like jars of your favorite memories, read one-a-day notes, and many other things that you can find on Pinterest. Even if you are not a crafty person, this gift shows how you worked through a struggle to make someone feel loved and happy- the looks of it won’t even matter in the end.
  3. Memory book – You will need time for this, but not as much as artistic talent. Get a scrapbook, washi tape, stickers, and your favorite pictures together and make the most adorable scrapbook. Fill the book with notes, memories, jokes, and love. Show all the appreciation and love you have for every second you are with your significant other.
  4. Handwritten notes – If you are on a budget and/or Valentine’s Day is not as big as a deal for you and your partner then set aside time to really sit and express your love in a handwritten note. These show the most meaning and truly express the most emotions. If you have bad handwriting try to write a little slower and diligently because it will be awkward if your partner asks you to read the letter to them because they can’t read it.

Whatever your Valentine’s Day consists of, make sure it is fun, healthy and safe. If you are still stuck on what to do then start paying attention to the little things because the recognition of the little things shows the most love.