College Isn’t the Only Post High School Track


By Alli Lipsit, Staff Writer

Niles North will host a post high school night for any D219 students and parents looking for extra information on life and college options on Wednesday, Feb. 20th. The presentation will be given by Niles West college career counselor Daniel Gin and Niles North college resource direction Allegra Giuletti-Schmitt.

The night will start off with a brief presentation on the overall topic of life after high school and will continue with break out-sessions including the following:

  • College Athleticism
  • Engineering/STEM
  • Gap year study/study abroad/summer experience
  • HBCUs and minority serving institutions
  • Performing arts
  • Unique college learning environment

The goal of the night is to help high school students better understand their post high school options, especially concerning finance, and ways to get students to where they want to be post high school with the help of scholarships. The presentation will also include information on ways to better applications and receive more scholarships.

The event will run in the Niles North auditorium from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Be sure to check it out to get better informed on post-high school options.