Top 5 Beauty Bloggers on Youtube


By Alyssa Pagan, Photo Editor

The main question everyone is asking these days “Who do you watch on Youtube?” Everybody has different opinions on certain influencers and makeup artists in the industry and they wonder who they can trust as consumers. They want to know what they’re buying and feel confident in what they are using on their bodies or on their face.

#1 Jackie Aina:

Personally, I feel that Jackie is the #1 beauty blogger when it comes to talking about diversity in cosmetics. She talks about how hard it is sometimes for a person of color to find their foundation shade at the drug store. Some people don’t have the money to go to Ulta or Sephora and buy a $50 foundation because it has their shade. Many consumers can relate to this drawing them towards her channel to see where they can find cheaper options. She has changed the industry for consumers so positively it’s unbelievable. Also, if she ever gets sponsored by a certain brand she typically won’t have a strong bias towards it just because she’s getting paid to show the product. She’ll always give her honest opinion so that us consumers can feel secure in our purchases.

#2 James Charles: 

“Hi Sisters!” Charles has been the talk of the town recently due to his amazingly creative looks that he puts out on Youtube and being the first male model for Covergirl. Collaborating with the biggest celebrities and beauty gurus on Youtube has brought him to another level. Everybody gets sick of seeing the same natural brown smoky eye all the time and James Charles definitely changed that. He has a creative mind that people have been craving to see for a long time. With his beautiful palette that has been released with Morphe, it really sparked his career up with the quality of the palette. I can personally say that it’s amazing.

#3 Nikkie Tutorials: 

Nikkie has brought up so many small brands that never really get noticed in the industry and are actually really good brands that need more attention. Some including P Louise, Juno & CO., Beauty Bakerie, and many others that are not as widely praised as Morphe or Tarte. Her amazing blending and crazy holiday looks make everyone turn their head. She comes out with the original ideas and that’s what Youtube needs more of, that’s why I personally like watching her for inspiration.

#4 Jeffree Star:

“Hi! How are ya!” is only one of his phrases that get stuck in my head. He has probably had the most controversy in comparison to other influencers in the market- despite so much drama, it never keeps him from coming out with new things on his channel and building up his own brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Jeffree is mostly known for his reviews and bringing down brands on his channel because he is not scared of anything if he’s still making his coin. Many brands have taken him off of their PR list because he personally came at them. Including: Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Kat Von D, and many other brands that only dislike him for being honest about the product. I reach to Jeffree’s channel when I’m really looking to buy something for sure.

#5 Tati Westbrook:

She has been on Youtube for five years straight, uploads five days a week and is known for her dedication to her channel. She has never missed a day but recently she decided to upload only three days a week because she needs a break after doing it for so long. Tati is known for her odd reviews and weird products that nobody has tried before. She was one of the first people that started the trend of jelly highlighters. When people started seeing that everyone and their mother started to review it too. If anybody is looking for weird products to try that they’ve never heard of before, make your way to Tati’s channel.