Kasey Musgrave’s Golden Hour Exceeds High Expectations

Kasey Musgrave's Golden Hour Exceeds High Expectations

By Alli Lipsit, Staff Writer

As an avid listener of country music, I was very excited to listen to Kasey Musgraves new album Golden Hour. I’d heard great things about it from other country enthusiasts, and I was expecting it to be especially good because it had not only won Musgraves the 2019 album of the year and country album of the year at the 2019 Grammy’s, but the song Space Cowboy also won for best country song.

I decided to start my binge listening with the apparently very prominent song Space Cowboy.

I can’t lie, I was disappointed. The song is slow, and it’s not like a typical country song. Most of the country I listen to is fast and upbeat and has something to do with beer or how pretty the scenery is, but Space Cowboy was different in the sense that it made more sense lyrically.

But still, the rhythm of the song was too slow and calm, and to me, it sounded simply boring. But I kept listening.

Next, I listened to Slow Burn, thinking that maybe the next song would be different, usually, all albums have that one super slow song, right?

However, Slow Burn was anything but different. In fact, they sounded very alike to me in terms of rhythm and style, still slow and boring. I continued to listen to the songs until I had gone through pretty much all the songs in the album, and I was pretty disappointed. All the songs had that same sluggish vibe as Space Cowboy.

Finally, after going through pretty much every song in the album, I had made up my mind: the Golden Hour album was pretty mundane and hard to sing along to. It wasn’t my type of album I guess.

However, my verdict didn’t stay this way.

Later that night, I sat at my desk and began to do my AP gov notes. Usually, while I do my homework I play music, just because it makes the experience a little bit more enjoyable. While doing my notes, my Spotify shuffle played and began to play Space Cowboy and for some reason, I found myself really enjoying the song. The slow boring song I had listened to earlier certainly couldn’t be the same slow, yet catchy song I was listening to now. But it was.

After that incident I decided to play some of the album again, adding Velvet Elvis to my queue, and then Wonder Woman, High Horse, Rainbow, and before I knew it, I had listened to the whole album again.

Overall if you’re a country fan, I definitely suggest this album to you, especially if you enjoy slower, softer country songs. Even if you don’t, you should still give the album a chance, it might surprise you.

With Musgraves perfect blend of slow yet rhythmic and catchy songs, it’s a no brainer she was able to win album of the year. P.S. if you’re looking for a good couple songs to start with, my personal favorites are Space Cowboy and Wonder Woman.