Commencement Speaker Applications Due Friday, March 8th

2013,  Smita Jain was the commencement speaker.

2013, Smita Jain was the commencement speaker.

By Lucas Rochester, Staff Writer

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Graduation, believe it or not, is rapidly approaching. Applications to be the annual commencement speaker at graduation are due Fri., Mar. 8th. The annual commencement speech honors the educational successes of Niles West’s graduating seniors. To apply as the speaker for the speech, one must be a graduating senior (at Niles West), have an exceptional ability at conveying inspirational ideas through transcription and verbal manipulation and be comfortable speaking in front of a large crowd.

The application itself is due Mar. 8th, and those to be considered for the role as speaker will be addressed for a proper follow-up interview by Mar. 15. These interviews will then be conducted by Mar. 22nd. On Apr. 5th, seniors will vote for this year’s speaker, and on Apr. 8th, the champion will be announced. Apply today!