Are You a Sucker for “Sucker?”


By Christina Lappas, Editor-in-Chief

After a six-year break from releasing music together, the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever with their newest song “Sucker.” People everywhere are in a frenzy listening to this song on repeat especially after they hinted at a possible tour.

The song was released in tandem with a music video posted on YouTube. The music video was pretty good it was just missing one thing: Kevin. Some of the people featured in the video got way more shots than he did which is kind of just unfortunate given that he is an actual member of the band.

At first listen I was in disbelief that this was the same Jonas Brothers that released Burnin’ Up in 2008. They sounded so different. I’m not sure if the background music made a huge impact on the way this song sounded or if their voices had matured or even a combination of both but it was a total shock. It wasn’t a bad type of shock, just a bit of an adjustment.

After listening to it again and again, the catchy tune is bound to have you jamming along. Is it the same Jonas Brothers circa 2008? No, of course not. Nothing they produce will ever be able to top the bops they put out years ago, just like the second movie is hardly ever as good as the first. This song took time and many, many listens for it to grow on me but I can indubitably say that it has.

With that being said, “Sucker” is definitely a song you can blast in the car with you and your friends and you’ll enjoy it. I personally find this to be a great pump up song for almost any occasion. I totally see myself jamming out to this song whether it be alongside my friends or while getting ready, it’ll get me going.

There’s a part of me that will always wish the way the Jonas Brothers used to sing will make a reappearance — and it for sure is possible — but for now, this song will suffice. They just bring back a piece of my childhood and that in itself is pretty cool.

Overall, the Jonas Brothers may have taken a six-year hiatus but they’re back and better than ever. I don’t think anyone who listened to them years ago should miss out on what they’re producing now. The Jonas Brothers are quite literally burnin’ up.