West Revamps Spirit Week

West Revamps Spirit Week

By Alma Duskic, Staff Writer

Spirit week at West has officially been revamped this year, and students should be ready to compete for the honor of winning this year’s ultimate class competition. This upcoming spirit week is not like any of the past spirit weeks, as this one will now be a competition between each of the four grade levels.

In an effort to boost school spirit and the morale that surrounds spirit week, student activities director Katie Odell has instituted this change in the way spirit week will occur.

“I wanted to create more fun and excitement around our spirit week than just dressing up, and I know a lot of students get into class competitions and who’s the best. Since it’s March Madness I figured I’d follow that theme, and since there are four classes we’re calling it the final four,” Odell said.

There is a variety of ways to earn points in this competition, from pie eating contests in the cafeteria to attending sports and fine arts events that occur during spirit week. Students can also check in at certain “checkpoints” throughout the school with their spirit day attire and earn points that way as well.

“Each day there is a spirit day, so each class can get ten points per day. For example, Monday is PJ day, so students can check in at Student Activities, Athletics, or the Main Office, and just say ‘look I’m wearing my pajamas.’ At the end of the day, I’ll run the report from the system that we put your ID numbers in and whatever class had the most kids check-in will get ten points. Possible 50 points total. Each day we will have something different going on, but on Monday and Wednesday we will have class competitions in the cafeteria during lunches, and each lunch period is worth three points. You can also attend the fine arts and athletic events that week, and the classes that have the most check-ins for those will be awarded the points,” Odell said.

With everything that will be going on next week, students are getting excited about this new competition. Sophomore Aida Mehicevic is looking forward to the new layout.

“I’m excited to see who’s going to win. I think this week is going to be more fun than the other ones, and I’m ready for some competition,” Mehicevic said.

Students have previously felt that school spirit was at a low, but with this new contest, some believe there will be an increase in the overall morale within the student body. Junior Majila Spahija gave her input on how she thinks the week will play out.

“I think that the week will be better than the rest of the spirit weeks. This new contest will get more people to participate, and it’s going to get intense with all four classes competing against each other,” Spahija said.

To keep up with spirit week activities, follow the schedule that Mrs. Odell sent out in an email, and may the best class win.