10 Spring Break Tips for a Staycation

By Nadia Firozabadi, Staff Writer

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Spring break is the most beautiful and exciting time of year for some, but for others, it can be more time to spend inside. With the unpredictable weather and cold temperatures, it is sometimes hard to keep yourself occupied with so much time on your hands. Here are some activities and tips to make your Spring break as eventful as possible in the comfort of your own home and surroundings.

  1. Bake Some Treats – Gathering some ingredients and friends makes for the perfect day of exploring your talents of cooking and taste buds. You can cook a meal, bake some desserts, or prepare a snack. Cooking is a fun and good life skill to get in the habit of. Have fun with your food and decorate it spring themed and make it colorful.
  2. Movie Night – Spring break is the perfect time to sit and watch that movie you have been wanting to watch for a while, but just haven’t had time to do so. Go to the grocery store and gather your favorite movie snacks like popcorn, licorice, candy, ice cream, and whatever else you like, set up your room to imitate a home theater by making a fort, laying down dozens of blankets and pillows everywhere, making your own projector, and then watch all the movies you want. Have a movie marathon.
  3. Random Acts of Kindness – Going around and spreading love and happiness not only will make another person’s day, but it will make you happy as well. There are endless random acts of kindness you can do that can occupy your time and make you feel good. Give flowers to a friend, make a memory book, bake some cookies and give them out, make care packages for the homeless, volunteer, and whatever else can make others and yourself happy.
  4. Find a New Hobby – If there is something you have had the interest for but never got down to actually doing it, pursue it over Spring break. You have a lot of time to practice, explore, and perfect a new hobby that can occupy your time post-Spring break as well. Some hobbies to try out can include crocheting, writing, drawing, blogging, starting a collection, and anything else you find interesting. Make some Google and Pinterest searches to further inspire the endless possibilities of hobbies you can obtain.
  5. Redecorate Your Room – This is my personal favorite thing to do whenever I have time. Deep cleaning your room and reorganizing it entirely is the most refreshing feeling. When I redecorate my room I start from changing around furniture, creating a room theme, get a new room, and innovate my old room decor to match my new theme. This process can take time, but if you put the time in it and stick with it the results are rewarding and beautiful.
  6. Day in The City – With the convenience of Chicago so close to us, it would be a waste to not use the resources that the city holds. Go out and explore all the nice restaurants, fun activities, and amazing shows our city has. People come to Chicago from afar to spend their Spring break here, so take advantage of your hometown.
  7. Make Your Own Game – If you like to play games and or are creative, make your own game. It can be any type of game from board games to party games. Not only is creating the game itself fun but you also can get the pleasure of playing the game itself. Who knows maybe your creativity can become a legitimate game that people all over the world play.
  8. Make a DIY Project – The internet is filled with endless possible craft projects that you can make. Go to a craft store and gather some materials and make something fun and pretty. DIY projects are fun and even better once you share your art with your friends or make decorations for yourself.
  9. Go to The Gym – Prom is soon and Summer is closer than you think. Use this break to prepare your body for the fun summer ahead. Spring break is a great time to get to the gym, better yourself, and set fitness goals to accomplish by the summer. You finally now have the time, now find the motivation and do it.
  10. Paint a Rock – Northwestern is just around the corner and that comes along with the famous rocks along Lake Michigan. Go get some paint and brushes and decorate a rock with whatever your heart desires. Paint a rock to memorize your friend group, relationship, or family or just paint a picture. After you paint your rock you have Downtown Evanston across the street to explore that holds some of the best restaurants and dessert places around.

Whatever you decide to spend your Spring break, have fun and stay safe and don’t forget about your school work entirely.