Spring Break Spirit Days Announced


Aila Durakovic

A bracket for the “final four’ competition between classes displayed outside the Student Commons.

By Aila Durakovic, Staff Writer

Spring break is creeping upon us, but how can we start spring break without a Spring spirit week? Next week is Niles West’s Spring spirit week, and this time it’s going to be a little different.

The student activities director Katie Odell sent out an email to the student body of West, informing about the following week.

“Each day, the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class will have a chance to receive points by either having the most students dress up, attend a school event, or win a class competition in the cafeteria,” Odell said. “During the Pep Assembly on that Friday, we will be having class competitions as well. Points will be added up from the assembly and the week so that at the end of the assembly, we will crown the best class at West.”

The themes for the spirit week will be:

  • Monday: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday: Sports Day
  • Wednesday: College Day
  • Thursday: Beach Day/Hawaiian
  • Friday: NW Spirit/Wear your class colors (Freshmen: Grey, Sophomores: White, Juniors: Black, Seniors: Red)

Students are high in energy and super excited for next week with all the spirit that’s going to be flowing through the school. Junior Katarina Kraljevic has happy and positive vibes about the themes for next week.

“I absolutely love spirit weeks. They are so much fun to participate in and it’s just cool to see all my friends show up to school dressed up as something out of the norm. Also, Mrs. Odell’s idea of changing up the spirit week into a competition is amazing. It’s going to bring good tension between the grades that everyone is excited for,” Kraljevic said.

Good competition is healthy once in a while and junior Bryan Ruiz agrees. Ruiz hasn’t always been too interested in pep assemblies or spirit weeks, but this one caught his attention.

“I never dress up for this stuff. I think it’s interesting to see other people, but I personally don’t like to take part in it,” Ruiz said. “But I noticed they changed up a lot of stuff for next week. It actually seems like a lot of fun with all the competitions and themes. I feel like it’s going to be fun seeing the junior grade teaming up together against the rest of the classes.”

Make sure to dress up every day next week if you want to help your class win The Final Four.