Pi Day 2019


By Julia Matuszek and Pavle Vuksanovic

As our spherical earth reaches March 14, we celebrate yet another round around our circular sun on Pi day. Today, we celebrate the age-old circular constant pi.

If you we’re wondering, here’s 3+1+4 things to do to celebrate pi day.

3.) Make a pie. Look at the video to learn how to make a delicious circular pie to celebrate pi day.

1.) Memorize 100 digits of pi. Here are the first 100,000 digits of pi, see how far you can go! If you’re having trouble memorizing, try and memorize it to the tune of your favorite song. The current world record for most digits of pi recited is all 100,000 from the link above, and it took Akira Haraguchi sixteen and a half hours to recite it. See if you can beat the record.

4.) Practice for the school-wide circle drawing contest. A very prestigious and honorable tradition, circle drawing has become an art and a talent at Niles West. Try and hone your skills to become the best at West.

1.) A pizza is a pie. Or is it? Get down to the bottom of this infamous debate, and while your at it, get some pizza at one of your local pizza places.

5.) Calculate the area and circumference of your pencil, watch, finger, Chromebook camera hole, and any other circular objects for no reason at all.

9.) Fun fact: . See what other cool results you can find that include pi.

2.) Learn about the history of pi. It has a rich history from mathematicians all around the globe being a constant discovered and pondered about by many ancient civilizations. Look at how old approximations were painstakingly achieved and how off they were from the constant we know and love today.

6.) Wish your friends who applied to MIT good luck! Decisions are coming in tonight at 6:28 pm eastern time.

Enjoy this year’s pi day like you would any other day. Just remember the history and importance of pi and circles in our lives.