Reeling From Rejection


By Divitya Vakil, Editor-in-Chief

The only thing that hurts more than a breakup is definitely a college rejection. See, the thing is, when a relationship doesn’t work out, there’s always a possibility of reconciliation, whereas with colleges it’s final. Here are some ways you can feel better about yourself after realizing you’re not going to your dream school.

  1. Cry it out

If you’re an emotional person, let it all out. Studies have even shown that crying can be good for you. Let those tears flow.

2. Make of list of why you’re great

With a college rejection, sometimes you feel like you were never worthy of the sheer thought of going to that school. It’s crucial to remind yourself of all the great things about you. A school does not define who you are. However, being a caring, funny, and creative person do. Reclaim what makes you one of a kind.

3. Distract yourself

If you’re not keeping yourself busy, your mind is going to wander to that decision, especially if it’s very recent. Try hanging out with friends, working out, or even petting dogs and cats at your local animal shelter. There are way too many activities to spend your time on that are more fun than dwelling on what happened.

4. Be a good student

Keep your academic performance. Just because one school rejected you does not mean the others will too. It’s important to keep your grades up so that your acceptances don’t get rescinded. I know it’s tempting to enjoy the springtime and extra sunlight, but don’t forget about that final transcript you have to send.

5.  It’s not the end of the world

A lot of things will cause the end of the world. For example, a giant meteor colliding with Earth, climate change, and an alien invasion may prove to be the downfall of the human species. However, a college rejection? Not the worst thing to happen to our planet. Keep your head up and heart strong. You’ll be happy no matter where you end up, and if you’re not, you always have the opportunity to transfer.