Spring Pep Assembly In Review

After a competitive spirit week, the Seniors ended with a win with the most points for spirit and skill in contests. This week led up to the annual Spring Pep-Assembly. Students wore West apparel and cheered on fellow peers as they played games and performed.

This pep assembly was unlike no other, seeing as there was a competition between all the classes. Some students disliked it, but others, like freshman Elizabeth Perez loved the new change.

“It was really motivating to wear our clothes for the spirit day and to compete in contests was so much fun. Having this competition made spirit week that much more fun and entertaining. Every grade was hoping to win but sadly the seniors won,” Perez said.

As students entered the contest gym, heart pounding music could be heard and students dawned Niles West colors.

There were many activities to watch and participate in. Some of the spring varsity sports that participated in the spring pep assembly were boys gymnastics, boys baseball, girls soccer, girls track and boys and girls water polo. Orchesis gave students a peak at some of the pieces they performed at their show. The a capella groups united together and performed, following a great competition season.

Among activities were tug of war and a shooting contest. Some of the sports used skills that were opposite of what they use in their sport, like baseball shooting baskets. Freshman Gloria Kosir enjoyed this the most.

“It was really funny and exciting to see different varsity sports teams that we look up to, struggling at these contest like the pie eating contest, it was cool to see a different side of these athletes,” Kosir said.

In addition to the other extracurricular participation, the CEC basketball players came out to play a game of basketball. By their side were CEC cheerleaders cheering them on. This is a very popular part of all West pep assemblies and sophomore Angelina BoudouvasĀ said that was her favorite part of the pep assembly.

“My favorite game that I watched was definitely the CEC basketball game because it was so fun to cheer on the kids and hear how loud and supportive the school got when one kid would make a basket,” Boudouvas said.