Ana Urosev: A Triple Threat


Junior Ana Urosev after qualifying for Nationals at DECA state compeition.

By Aila Durakovic, Staff Writer

A common student that one comes across in every grade is the underdog. The one who works while everyone else is resting. The one that grinds every moment they have the chance to. That student is most definitely junior Ana Urosev.

Being a two time running nationalist for DECA, a varsity athlete, and an excellent scholar isn’t easy. Time is extremely critical for Urosev and highly valued. Starting off her school days at 7:20 A.M. with early bird Varsity PE and coming home around 5:30 P.M. after track practice is exhausting. Imagine coming home after a long day and staring at a fat pile of homework that you’re not going to touch. Well, Urosev is the one person who actually does it.

Urosev was inspired to join DECA because of her older brother, alumni Robert Urosev. Over time, she really started to enjoy learning and working in the class and grew a deep love for it. Urosev is determined to reach nationals every time she has the chance. Urosev’s brother went to nationals three times in his high school career and now Urosev is following her older brother’s footsteps.

“Last year my group made it to nationals and we got competency which is pretty good but nothing too special,” Urosev said. “This year I qualified for nationals by my role play. Role play is the hardest event in DECA to get a good score so I’m really happy with my results. I’m looking forward to all the good competition that’s waiting for me in Florida.”

DECA is definitely a big weight to carry, just as any other academic club is. Activities are necessary to clear the mind and help relieve stress. Urosev feels that there is no better mental break than a run. It can be a long or short distance, just as long as it’s a run.

“I did volleyball my freshman and sophomore year, but I eventually fell off with it due to lack of time. Sophomore year I decided to try out track. I wasn’t doing anything in the springtime and all my close friends were participating in spring sports so I decided to give it a try. Best decision I have ever made,” Urosev said.

Urosev appreciates the serenity and “high” she gets while on the track or on a simple afternoon jog.

“There’s this concept called ‘runners high’ where you get a rush of endorphins during mid-run when you’re pushing your body at a perfect amount, not too much and not too little,” she said. “Track gave me the ability to do as much as I’m able to and to still push myself to be better. I enjoyed the physical activity so much that I joined the girls cross country team this past fall. No regrets. I love the girls, coaches, environment, and the running,”

One of Urosev’s teammates, junior Veronika Adamczyk met Urosev through track. Throughout the season, the girls created a strong bond over their love for running.

“I met Ana the first day of track practice sophomore year. She was in my math class, but we never talked before. During practice, I saw Ana as reserved but determined. We ran that workout together, despite not knowing each other. After that workout, we consistently talked to each other and strengthened our friendship through track. We became best friends instantly,” Adamczyk said.

After long days of school and running, Urosev comes home to a heavy load of work. Being an AP and honors student comes with a lot of responsibility. The rest of the day is left for Urosev to focus on her school work and studies.

“I really take my grades and school work seriously,” Urosev said. “I have big goals for myself in the future and I want to try and reach my fullest potential. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, but then I remember that pain is temporary but GPA is forever.”

Junior and best friend Jacey Trufin sees all the effort and hard work that Urosev puts into everything she does.

“When I’m bored or procrastinating on homework I love Facetiming Ana. Every time she answers the call, she’s always sitting at her desk with her night lamp on and a bunch of papers sitting in front of her,” Trufin said. “Sometimes it’s hard to hang out because she’s always occupied with her studies, but I respect that and I want her to achieve her goals and be the best possible version of herself.”

All of Urosev’s close friends love the energy that she brings every day. As someone who has so much on their plate but still manages to stay positive, Urosev is a person they all are willing to support through anything.

“Ana is one of the most driven people I know whether that’s on the track, in the DECA classroom, or out of school. She’s always a team player and that’s something I will always admire about her,” Adamczyk said.