Dining With Class and Comfort: 3 Arts Club Cafe


Marija Kraljevic

The Grand Courtyard in the 3 Arts Club Cafe.

By Marija Kraljevic, Staff Writer

The 3 Arts Club Cafe has recently become a popular and classy destination for many people around the Chicagoland area. Featured in the Gold Coast region of Chicago, the restaurant is perfect for a typical brunch date with friends. If you want to just come in for some cute Instagram photos, or admire the glamorous glass chandeliers from above, the 3 Arts Club Cafe is the place for you. The interior design and menu of the restaurant certainly didn’t disappoint and was simply perfect.

My friend and I were wondering what’s the hype about this place after seeing numerous Instagram posts about it and noticing the beautiful decor featured in these posts. In the center of the restaurant is a gigantic crystal chandelier with Heritage olive trees around it along with a water fountain below it. The soft and inviting couches next to the water fountain make you want to take a nap there forever.

Marija Kraljevic
Avocado Toast with basil and tomatoes.

The menu is inspired by Northern California and Mediterranean cuisine. The 3 Arts Club Cafe serves a variety of foods ranging from salads to burgers, to fish. The food was delicious and well cooked, I ordered the Avocado toast which contained roasted tomatoes, avocado, basil, a farm egg on the side, and charred sourdough. At first, I thought the toast would be too small to choose as a lunch item, but it was actually more than I anticipated and didn’t leave me with an empty stomach. The avocado toast can also be a simple appetizer you can share with friends. Many of the drinks are classy, such as rosé, but there’s also a variety of herbal teas, cold-pressed juices, and coffee. The price of the food items range from 16-43 dollars which isn’t too high despite it being a more fancy restaurant.

The best part of the restaurant has to be the fact that its a restaurant and a furniture store. There are four floors of the building separate from the floor where the restaurant is at where each floor has multiple rooms and furniture fit for different aspects of a house. The furniture store is Restoration Hardware and the brand sells very high priced items.

Marija Kraljevic
The furniture store aspect of the restaurant.

The servers were quite calm and respectful. They knew exactly when to refill your cup and weren’t the type of servers who would judge you for the way you look if you didn’t seem like you belonged in their restaurant.

In the end, after leaving the 3 Arts Club Cafe, I was very impressed and knew I would definitely be making a second visit to this place and dine with some of my other close friends or cousins. I would give this a 5 out of 5 stars because of the cleanliness and pleasing aesthetic of the restaurant. I felt classy and comfortable at the same time while being in here and highly recommend trying this place out to see if its right for you.