Mix and Mingle at Glenview’s Juice Bar “Mingle”


NWN Staff ready to dive into the food at Mingle.

By Lexi Lee, Divitya Vakil, and Julia Matuszek

Situated in the Glen, Mingle Juice Bar presents itself as a cute joint for teenagers. However, upon entering the doors, it’s clear that Mingle is the place for everyone. Its menu has recently expanded and boasts numerous combinations of acai and pitaya bowls as well as smoothies and soups in the colder months — there’s something to appease whatever craving you have.

While there is limited seating, we were able to secure a table large enough for us all. It took about 15 minutes for the kitchen to make our four 16oz bowls: two pitaya and two acai. A sign located next to the free water dispenser on the counter explained how Mingle is not a fast food restaurant and thus 15 minutes was expected.

Lime in the Coconut: Lime? In an acai bowl? That seemed a little strange, not going to lie. The bowl came with a lime wedge and was topped with a surplus of coconut and honey. The first spoonful was filled with a lot of honey-sweetened, shredded coconut and a touch of the actual acai smoothie part. Our first impressions? Sweet, but a little overwhelming. But after a couple of bites, the smoothie bowl got better and better. While the lime flavor wasn’t as strong as expected, the subtlety was appreciated. Definitely more coconut than lime. If you’re a fan of coconut, this is the smoothie to get.

Pretty in Pink: This pitaya bowl was filled with the mildly sweet dragonfruit base and topped with granola, coconut, strawberries, and Himalayan salt. While the first bite was decent, the second was had a huge chunk of salt, that blended into the pink of the pitaya. The flavor was overwhelming and the bowl was anything but appealing after that.

Build me up Buttercup: First of all, the name is adorable, but unfortunately, this bowl didn’t exactly live up to its name. This was one of the new bowls that Mingle has come out with. This smoothie bowl is for granola lovers, with granola on the top AND bottom of the bowl. Every single bite was filled with granola, which isn’t exactly bad, but not for us. The good thing was that the surplus of granola allowed it to remain crunchy rather than soggy! If you’re a fan of peanut butter and lots of granola, go with this bowl. Honestly, though, the classic Relax bowl is a better peanut butter alternative.

Fineapple: This pitaya bowl is incredible. This bowl was another new addition to the Mingle menu. Being topped with a plentiful amount of pineapple, each spoonful of the pitaya base was perfectly complemented by the fresh fruit on top. There’s also a lot of shaved coconut, which can be a positive or negative, depending on what you’re feeling that day. It never got too sweet and the texture of the smooth pitaya blend went well with the crunchy granola and soft fruit. It was anything but a difficult feat to finish the bowl.

Our final thoughts? Mingle is AMAZING. If you like smoothies, granola, fruit in general then going to this place is a must. Every bowl has a cute name that’s a play on a movie title, song or something related to popular culture. Each bowl is made with “love” and you can tell. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also good for you. It’s definitely worth the ~20-minute drive.