West Participates in Day of Silence

By Alma Duskic, Staff Writer

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Students of all different backgrounds came together to take an oath of silence to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community on April 12. The goal of the campaign was to stand in solidarity with those who don’t have a voice of their own.

West is not the only school that engages in the event. The Day of Silence is a national event that

Sophomore Maya Rios has a deep appreciation for the cause, and she voiced her opinion on the day itself.

“Well I grew up in an accepting family which I’m very thankful for, and they always taught me that it’s okay to be different. My cousin is gay, and even though we have an accepting family, it was hard for him originally, especially in school. This day of silence is important to me because not everyone can be like my family, and be as accepting, and it makes me sad knowing there are people out there who have to be silenced to protect their well-being,” Rios said.

The GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) Club hosts the day of silence every year. Their mission is to provide support to the voiceless and to show that they are there to lend a helping hand to anyone who may need one.

Sophomore Rabia Chaudhry chose to participate and take the oath, as she found that is was for a good cause.

“I’m going to take the day of silence because the LGBTQ+ community faces a lot of discrimination, and hard times as a whole, and not talking for a day is the least I can do. I don’t face any of the problems they face, and if I can do anything to even help them a little bit, I will,” Chaudhry said.

Some students didn’t actually take part in the day of silence, but they still showed their support for the cause by wearing a wristband. Sophomore Ela Kinaci was among those who spoke on her support for the cause, though she herself wouldn’t be participating.

“I’m not going to actually do the day of silence, but I understand the importance of the event itself. I have a lot of respect for anyone who will be participating in it,” Kinaci said.