Cultural Round Table Takes on Racial Issues

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Kaine Osburn, principal and creator of Cultural Round Table, a club that discusses racial topics,  is scheduled to lead the school year’s first Cultural Round Table meeting after school on Tuesday, Sept. 27 in the student commons.

The topic of discussion has two parts: “Did your parents grow up in an environment less diverse than Niles West?” and “How does the answer to the first question affect your daily experiences?”

“I hope it ultimately gives people the chance to question their assumptions about other races, cultures, and ethnicities. When we enter into a situation questioning our assumptions, we have a greater opportunity to learn and grow and accept,” says Osburn.

Student activities director Jessica Ogulnik concurs with Osburn.

“It’s a place where students of all backgrounds can come and share knowledge of their culture in a safe environment, as well as broaden their horizons by learning from others. It can bring them together,” Ogulnik said.

Sophomore Alyssa Falcone agrees.

“If everyone at Niles West attended the meetings, prejudiced and racist remarks will be gone. Everyone will be accepting. We pretend like school is 100% welcoming but there are always a few people who make others uncomfortable. It would be great if they went to the meetings and changed their ways,” says Falcone.

Students need to attend the discussions in order to be a member of the club, according to Ogulnik.

Snacks and refreshments will be served at the meeting.