Varsity Boys Volleyball Conquers Niles North


The front row takes their positions as their teammate serves.

By Marija Kraljevic, Staff Writer

The varsity boys volleyball team took the win against top rivals, the Niles North Vikings on Tues. April 16. With the Wolves winning both sets, they finished off the second set with a close score of 25-21 despite being a little unfocused and complacent compared to the first set. The Wolves had a tough offense and great teamwork throughout the first set and finished the set with a score of 25-13. The hyped up and ecstatic atmosphere in the contest gym was contagious, leaving everyone knowing that his would be their win.

Junior and varsity player Alex Kubit wasn’t surprised about the score as he knew his team would excel based on their skills and the key goals each member on the team had.

“It was an amazing game, we all feel pretty accomplished and deep down we know that we’ll always be a tough and dangerous opponent against North,” Kubit said. “We know we’ll just beat them every time.”

Sophomore and varsity player Sean Carey believed the team definitely conquered and displayed good teamwork, but that they still have some areas to improve in.

“It was a good win, but we have to improve and play better for the future,” Carey said, “We need to work on our hitting consistency and serves in order to maintain our status.”

As every second passed by, the ball never stopped moving along with the players. Top setters on the Wolves team would set the ball up just enough to get their top hitter to slam the ball down on the Vikings’ side, leaving them helpless. With the season still coming along in full force, the pressure to win and succeed are higher than ever before.

Varsity Head Coach Andrew Roche was just as happy and proud as everyone else when they took the dub, but he believes the future will only continue to look brighter from here.

“To give credit to the guys, they pulled off the game, I mean that’s what good teams do; they find a way to get the W,” Roche said. “A few of our general goals are to make it to state if possible, but we’re mainly focused on trying to get at least 25 points this season.”

Come watch the varsity boys volleyball team at their next home game against Downers Grove on Thurs. April 18 at 5:00 P.M.