Avengers Endgame: Exceeding Expectations


By Ella Ilg, Arts and Entertainment Editor

One question that doesn’t need to be asked: “Did the girl with a Captain America backpack like Endgame?” One answer that doesn’t need to be said: Yes.

Avengers Endgame was released on Thursday, April 25, and if you were wondering why so many students were exhausted on Friday, that’s why. It was met with a flood of box office cash with 1.2 billion worldwide, and high critical acclaim. It’s most likely that you can’t go ten minutes in a public space without hearing people talk about Endgame, it’s a public phenomenon of a movie.

I had seen Infinity War about a month after it came out, and I hadn’t been impressed. It was predictable, none of the deaths mattered, and it was hours of CGI action. Needless to say, I had very low expectations for its follow up film. Many “Action/Adventure” movies have a habit of being all action with little to no adventure, and there’s only so many times you can watch superheroes punch CGI robots before it gets repetitive and boring.

Endgame, in one beautiful 3-hour stroke of a brush, fixed a lot of the problems with the MCU. Character development was handled beautifully, the emotions of the characters brought tears to my eyes, and I was smiling the whole time. This is a movie for the fans and tied up a lot of emotional loose ends. I had a hard time getting worked up in Infinity War over deaths I knew would be retconned in the next film, but it was the reuniting of these characters in this film where I found myself sobbing with joy.

This movie, unlike Infinity War, had a lot of adventure that I found exciting and unpredictable. I didn’t know what would happen next and that made the film that much more enjoyable. There’s no point in watching a film where you know exactly what’s going to happen, and I relished in the fact that every twist and turn was genuine. I had scoffed at the idea of “no spoilers,” because most fans had a general idea of what was coming, but I had no idea how much I’d be unable to predict. There was a lot of twists and surprises that they stayed consistent with, unlike in previous films. There were some punchlines and jokes that I thought would disappear in the next scene, but the movie really committed to their plot and jokes.

This film, along with an amazing story and plot, included so many Easter eggs specifically added for us dedicated fans who have invested so much into this universe. I would honestly say that if you have not watched previous Marvel films, you won’t get nearly as much enjoyment from this movie. It’s borderline fan service, and though that made me and many other fans cry and laugh, it might not have the same effect on the casual viewer.

In comparison to the previous films, Endgame’s cinematography was far more advanced and complex than the basic film techniques than that of what has been seen in previous MCU movies. Some shots were incredibly epic and added so much to the storyline in comparison to the flat filming of almost all of the Avengers films. Go back and watch the first one, it almost looks like a Made For TV movie.

Endgame exceeded predictions and expectations and gave each character a satisfying conclusion to their story arch. This movie gave us everything Infinity War didn’t. If you’re a Marvel fan, I don’t have to tell you to go, you probably already saw it, but I think even the most casual moviegoer will get something out of this 3-hour epic- just not a bathroom break.