Kentucky Derby Not a Hit in High School


By Christina Lappas, Editor-in-Chief

The 145th Kentucky Derby horse races will take place in Louisville, Kentucky on Sat., May 4. The Derby is a highly competitive race for betting; it allows individuals to bet on horses and their respective jockeys to potentially win money.

Unfortunately, around West, not many people will partake in watching the events. Given the timing with finals, AP tests, and the end of the school year, many cannot take time off to watch this event.

“I won’t be watching it this weekend just because I have a lot of other things going on like studying for AP exams,” senior Sarah Malina said. “I do think the Kentucky Derby is interesting because there is a lot of history and tradition that is involved. I possibly would bet on a horse but not a lot because I wouldn’t want to lose money.”

Senior Christian Lewis doesn’t find it to be intriguing especially due to the fact that he cannot participate in any of the bettings.

“I don’t care for it, I’m not making bets because I’m underage. I’m sure some people like it but I’m just not one of those people,” Lewis said.

There is not much about the Kentucky Derby that is known at West, and students do not seem to show the slightest interest.

“I don’t watch it because I don’t really know anything about it, but can someone tell me what channel it’s on? Maybe I’ll check it out,” senior Lijo Andrews said.

The Kentucky Derby can be found at on NBC starting at 1:30 P.M. and the results for the gamblers will be posted around 5:50 P.M. Although not many high school students will give it a view, many others will find this to be riveting.