Senior Superlative Winners Announced


The Senior Superlatives can be found in the senior supplement.

By Violet Gilbert, Staff Writer

Best Girlfriends- Bryanna Manogura & Angelyna Madrid

Best Bromance- Simon Shamoon & Sam Plusker

Most Friendly- Alexia Popescu & Alvin Gutierrez

Most Likely to be Instagram Famous- Natalie Guzman & Uros Tubic

Best Smile- Lidia Fakhoury & Mike McKay

Most Intelligent- Lexi Lee & Pavle Vuksanovic

Prettiest Eyes- Katerina Paulos & Sage Hutter

Life of the Party- Gaby Goldman & Justin Nielsen

Most Likely to be President- Isa Gil & Umar Ahmed

Most Likely to Win a Grammy- Leah Nano & Kenan Ozer

Most Stylish- Maya Cayemitte & Khoi Huynh

Class Clown- Jovana Lazarevski & Ethan Dasilva

Most Likely to be a CEO- Alba Note & Mo Larya

Most Likely to be on Broadway- Shannon Berg & Kenan Ozer

Alyssa Pagan

Most Likely to be a Professional Athlete- Samantha Galanopoulos & Kevin Guillaume

Most Dramatic- Natalia Pehar & Jaylen Miller

Most Likely to be a Bachelorette- Katrina Grunst

Most Likely to be a Bachelor- James Lorenzo

Most Likely to Travel the World- Loredana Lohan & Eric McClellan

Most Likely to be a Social Media Influencer- Isa Gil & Christian Castillo

Best Glow Up (Female)- Christina Lappas

Best Glow Up (Male)- Simon Shamoon


Smartest Slacker- Paula Ostapkiewicz & Richie Noparstak

Best Person to Bring Home to your Parents- Nina Gillespie & Alvin Gutierrez

Biggest Gym Rat- Tiffany Chin & Ricky Zheng

Most Likely to Save the World- Violet Gilbert & Poom Pasapong