Fem Club Preview 2019-2020


By Eiman Navaid, Staff Writer

Every student with a passion to discuss gender inequality along with other social issues can find their place in Fem club regardless of their gender, race, age, and sexuality. 

Many students believe that Fem club only welcomes women and strictly focuses on women’s issues alone. However, fem club is open to all students and makes sure to tackle social issues ranging from gender inequality to racism and discrimination against minority groups, both in the U.S and around the world. 

“Fem club is supportive, educational, and exciting,” club sponsor and English teacher Jody Weatherington stated.

“The presidents, senior Nikki Koziol, and senior Rita Yohanna are determined to do more volunteer work this year, so hopefully we will get out into the world and do feminism a lot more.”

Weatherington states that fem club is for everyone interested in helping level the playing field for everyone and believes that everyone should be given equal opportunities. “It would be a good way to help inform themselves and talk about issues they care about and learn about issues they didn’t know about.”

“The club members gain a really strong sense of whats going on in the world and learn about social justice issues, not just about women’s issues, but with issues that deal with trying to make the world a better place for everybody,” Weatherington stated.

Koziol believes that fem club is important because it allows students to educate themselves on current topics such as LGBTQ issues, feminist issues, and international issues along with their solutions. “It’s a very positive place where everyone of every race, gender, and sexuality is welcome; we can all discuss and it’s a very comfortable area,” Koziol said.

Along with volunteering, Fem club also fundraises for local women’s shelters. “Last year, we went to Sarah’s Circle, a women’s shelter, to make breakfast for them,” Koziol stated. “It was a very rewarding experience.”

Koziol believes that the club has helped her communicate better with others and grow as a social justice activist.

“Now I’m always looking at articles to educate myself on what’s going on. Fem club has made me more in tune with being a feminist and my femininity,” Koziol said.

Overall, Koziol and Yohanna agree that fem club is a very nice sisterhood and brotherhood that welcomes everyone.

“It’s a big family– we all care for one another and we’re just trying to become better people,” Koziol stated.

Fem club meets on Mondays after school in room 1199.