2019 Serbian Club Preview


Marija Kraljevic

Sophomore Andjela Dimitrijevic leading the dance for Serbian club.

By Stefan Simic, Staff Writer

Anyone who celebrates or embraces Serbian culture and tradition is encouraged to join Serbian Club. The club is sponsored by Milena Duric and hosts numerous amounts of fundraisers each year. Students who join the club can try all kinds of ethnic Serbian dishes and desserts. They can also learn more about Serbian culture and history.

This year Duric is taking a different approach on setting the long-term and short-term goals of the club. She also hopes to get kids more involved within the school and to start socializing more.

“This year I was thinking of letting the student members set the goals of the club,” Duric said. “A new idea I had this year was to invite other clubs to our meetings, or to even go bowling together to socialize.”

This year junior Andjela Dimitrijevic is hoping to reshape the club for the better.

“This year some of my goals are to participate in volunteer opportunities within the community to make our club more noticed,” Dimitrijevic said. “I want to do more bonding activities so members could socialize and become friends. Something I would definitely change is to have more out of school activities, as that would make the club more enjoyable.”

Dimitrijevic is also running for president this year and believes she has the skills to lead the club.

“I want to run for president this year because I have a lot of ideas and changes I want to make,” Dimitrijevic said. “I have a lot of leadership qualities, so I feel like I could make more people active in the club.”

Sophomore Mateja Niketic is very excited for Serb club this year and hopes to improve the club from last year.

“I’m very evicted for Serbian club this year, because this year I have more experience then I had last year so I think I know what needs be changed,” Niketic said. “I want to get members excited for every Serbian club meeting, so more people start coming to the meetings.”

The club still hasn’t established which days they would be meeting every week, but a meeting is still held every week. Rooms vary from meeting to meeting.