Junior Year: Let the Stress Begin


Juniors conversing during homeroom.

By Julie Abelson, Staff Writer

As the class of 2021 walks the halls this school year, they already have an idea of what they are walking into- the dreaded junior year. Since the beginning of high school, there is a tremendous amount of stress put on junior year. Between the SAT, AP classes and the beginning of the college hunt, there’s a daunting amount of work ahead for the juniors. Now, as this school year is well underway, students of the junior class have a lot to say about the year everyone talks about.

“My parents are like ‘go here it’s so cheap and easy,’ but they don’t know where I really want to go and they honestly don’t care. They don’t feel like I should be taking all the AP classes that I am, but what they don’t know is how necessary it is to get into good colleges,” junior Alexis Mazzenga said. It is only September, and some juniors are already feeling the pressure of what college to go attend. In addition to being on the hunt for the perfect college, Mazzenga is stressed out about looking her best for colleges.

Other juniors like Sinan Hashim are unsure of how they will be best prepared for college with Illinois’s choice to focus on the SAT. Illinois requires the SAT which means that students are allowed to take the test for free here at Niles West. However, Sinan has discovered a vital piece of information while researching colleges in other states.

“I’m confused as to why there’s so much attention on the SAT in Illinois but in other states, they care more about the ACT,” Hashim said.

Although many juniors are drowning in homework and colleges, unsure of how they will survive the year, junior Alma Osmankic has a game plan set for success.

“I think junior year is very stressful and you have to manage your time very accordingly,” Osmankic said. A valid plan, as this is the year where students get the most homework and managing your time well is vital to students’ success. Although schoolwork is stressful enough, some juniors such as Angeles Alanis have not forgotten to look towards the exciting parts of junior year.

“Despite junior year being stressful, I am looking forward to cross country because of the team dynamic. Everyone is always so cheerful and supportive,” Alanis said. A team and group of friends that are in the same boat, have some experience, or just talk to you when you need it makes the whole year easier.