2019 Blackhawks Season Preview

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2019 Blackhawks Season Preview

By Kalyn Zwik, Staff Writer

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Hockey season is underway. The Chicago Blackhawks only have 3 games left in the preseason until the first game of the regular season. Their first game of the regular season is on Friday, October 4th. The Blackhawks will face off against the Philadelphia Flyers, and the game is a part of the NHL Global series and will be at the O2 arena in Prague, Czech Republic, starting at 1:00 pm  CT.

Many hockey fans are excited about the new upcoming season especially with all the new players on the team. Sophomore Jack Bollinger is hoping to see the Blackhawks become stronger than ever.

“I am excited to see all of the rookies and how they are going to play and rebuild the team to make it stronger,” Bollinger said.

The Hawks can really use this year to start fresh after a shaky last few seasons filled with disappointment. With a bunch of unpopular trades and coaching decisions, there really is no telling if they will be able to rebound, but some believe they can get back to the way they used to play.

People are really hoping for another chance to get to the Stanley Cup playoffs and even to win it. “With Andrew Shaw back on the team, I am hoping he will bring the Chicago Blackhawks back to victory,” sophomore Jonny Raciti said.

High Hopes are in the air with young and eager players. Jeremy Colliton is the head coach and this will be his second-year coaching. He started in November of last year after long-time head coach Joel Quenneville was fired by the organization.

“Hopefully the new coach will work with the players to create a bond to hopefully get to the playoffs,” sophomore Anthony Bencivenga said.

Bencivenga also believes that the new coach will have a fresh take with the players and might be exactly what they need to have a better season.

After another disappointing season last year, many fans are just hoping to get back to the way they know the Blackhawks can play. The only way to see if the Hawks are ready to play is to tune in and watch on October 4th.