On A Road to Greatness: Jadden Miller

On A Road to Greatness: Jadden Miller

By Nathan Rosca, Video Editor

Its 6:30 in the morning and sophomore Jadden Miller is already awake and out for his morning jog. He comes back home 15 minutes later, takes a shower, eats two eggs with pancakes, and then catches the bus just on time to go to school.

Once Miller gets to school, he heads straight to the field house to play basketball with his friends for 30 minutes before school starts. “As busy as my life is, I need to make some time to enjoy it,” Miller said.

Miller is no ordinary student-athlete. He plays three sports: football, basketball, and track. He has played football since 4th grade, and now he is a varsity starter as a sophomore. He plays on both sides of the field, wide receiver on offense and safety on defense. On offense, he leads the team in yards and targets, with his quarterback Jack Leons. While on defense, he is third on the team in tackles and second in passes deflected.

“He’s probably the best player on our team… as a sophomore,” said Leons.

After a busy day of school, Miller sticks around after school for practice which starts at 3:45. Until that time, he chills with his friends and gossips about school drama. Around 3:35, he hits the locker room starting out with putting on his Nike Vapor 3 cleats on, strapping on his American flag gloves, slips on his pads and puts on his helmet right on time to jog out to the field at 3:43.

“I may not always be the earliest player out on the field, but I’m never late because I always hustle. When its time to play football, things get serious,” Miller said.

“Sure, he has his goofy moments, but when he hits the field he is the most disciplined player I know,” said senior captain Hayden Ferrigno.

After a long three hour practice, he runs inside, takes off his pads, and sits outside the school, while waiting for his ride to come. Once he gets home, he helps out his 12-year-old sister with her homework, then goes on to do his own. Once he’s done, he talks to girls and goes to bed at 11 o’clock.

His goals are to “be the best I can possibly be and get a D1 scholarship”. Not only does he have self-goals, but he has team goals, such as to carry the Niles West football team to the playoffs. Just as a sophomore, Jadden got selected as the captain for this weeks game against Rolling Meadows.

“He works hard on the field and gives it his all,” said coach Matt Hohs at the football team dinner where Miller was announced, captain.