Great Gatsby Homecoming in Review

The night begins and students start to fill up the gym.

By Gloria Kosir, Feature Editor

Everyone and their mother knows the homecoming drill: all of the girls get ready together, strap on their new heels, and argue over who gets which side in the pictures. Then they change into their Vans, pile into cars and make their way to school. All of the boys get ready, meet to take some awkward group pictures, and then meet the girls at the dance. So what was different about this year?

This year at homecoming, the theme was the Great Gatsby, and it’s a no-brainer that the theme was way better than last year’s. The theme suited a homecoming dance better than a Candyland theme, as it was last year. The decorations also looked significantly better. When you walked through the hallway from the main entrance, there were gold streamers hanging from the doorways. The wall outside the contest gym was decked out in Great Gatsby decorations, which added to the atmosphere. Inside the wrestling gym, there were small gold centerpieces on the tables. Even something as minimal as a centerpiece can make such an impact on the vibe.

One of the most important aspects of a school dance is music, and there were lots of complaints this year. A lot of throwback tunes were played, and there weren’t many new and current songs played.

“The music was horrible. It wasn’t good, current popular music, and they only played a quarter of the good songs,” sophomore¬†MurphyMaeve Holleran said.

If the DJs played more of the songs that Niles West students requested, homecoming might just have been more enjoyable.

Niles West did a great job of hyping homecoming up this year, and the hype definitely rubbed off on the students. Furthermore, they brought that hype to the dance, and to put it simply; I can’t count the number of times I was absorbed into a mosh pit. My friend almost lost her phone after being trampled to the ground and another friend falling on top of her. Regardless, my friends and I had fun jumping with other West students.

This year’s homecoming blew last year’s out of the water. The theme made so much more sense, and it added a lot more to the atmosphere. It wasn’t super corny, and the decorations were done pretty and very appealing to the eye. Even though the music wasn’t great, it could’ve been a lot worse. Homecoming was a lot more hyped this year, and everyone could tell. Even the different stages made so much of a difference, with there being a short runway instead of just one section of the stage.

“It’s such a fun time to hang out with your friends and dance in a big group. I already can’t wait for next year,” sophomore Isabelle Padron said.

This year’s homecoming also ended up being one of the most attended dances at Niles West in a while.

“The energy from all of the staff and students was amazing. We ended the week with the largest dance attendance that I’ve ever experienced with almost 1,450 students,” student activities director¬†Katie Odell wrote in an email.

Overall, homecoming was an amazing time. Even though every girls’ feet were bruised from being trampled, I wouldn’t trade it for another homecoming… maybe just one with better music.